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Role-play Rules

These rules apply to any & all role-play forums.

• IC posts only. If you must convey an OOC message, either use runboard's inbox, DCUO mail, or a brief OOC message in (parentheses).
• Cussing is allowed, but be sure not to offend your audience. (Note: If the role-player fails to inform their partner(s) that they're offended by harsh language, no one will be held accountable except themselves.)
• Stay within the area. If you're role-playing in Metropolis and it moves onto Gotham City or elsewhere, please make a new topic in the appropriate area and link the old topic somewhere in the first post of the new topic.
• No 'god modding,' 'meta-gaming,' or forcing actions (i.e. instead of saying Player A hits Player B, say Player A attempts to hit Player B).
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