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Lady Blackbird (Will be constantly edited)

Preferred User Nickname: Blackbird

Real Name: Anya Ivanova

Hero Name: Lady Blackbird

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Physical Description:
|| Black Hair || Grey Eyes || Youthful Appearance || Normally sports a cocky smirk during battle|| Keeps her hair in one braid so that it is practical during a fight ||

Nationality: Russian-American

Weapon of Choice: Dual Pistols, explosives and her many gadgets including, a Waynetech issue hud that she uses to get information on every enemy she faces.

Powers: Sonic Scream and a Genius Level Intellect

Movement Type: Acrobatics

So, you want to know about me. Let’s just say you are in for a story. There is nothing much to say about me, except for the fact I was trained by batman, got sick of his so-called moral code and instead decided to give certain criminals what they truly deserve, a quick death. I admit though, I still see the necessity for such a rule, but I still wonder why the hell Bats didn’t kill the joker a long time ago. All his moral codes and everything aside, I still look up to batman in times of distress. I think you may of saw me in action, but if you didn't the stories I tell over drinks are not exaggerations in my eyes. You may be wondering how someone like me who mostly uses her guns and gadgets to bring the pain has managed to gain a sonic scream, let’s start from the beginning when I was still working with batman. We were facing The Joker, the worst kind of criminal; the type in which just thinking about him makes me remember myself uncontrollably laughing when I was exposed to his gas. I have faced Bane with Nightwing and Scarecrow with Batwoman, but this guy was a special case. Batman insisted on tracking Joker alone while I handled Harley Quinn in his funhouse. That battle was quite the feat in my eyes. I was alone and near the end of it I wanted to break that one rule to end Harley Quinn permanently. I was looking into her eyes when I held a dead officer’s gun to her head. In my eyes after that fight, I thought of her as a completely irredeemable psychopath, but I stared into her eyes and a look much like that of a puppy was in her eyes. I realized something that day: some people may be redeemable after all. It was clear that she was misguided and was just a woman trying to impress the wrong guy. So I just cuffed her and moved on. Anyways, how I felt that time was beside the point. I was starting to doubt my original beliefs. After that fight with Harley Quinn, I reported in and Batman needed me to help him save the SCU (Apparently the best of the GCPD). Man, with all of the heroes that patrol Gotham, you would think that the police would have their own metahumans by now to combat crime. Well anyways, I fought through a bunch of the Joker’s goons at the hotel and with batman we confronted the Clown Prince of Crime himself. The battle was lengthy and I had to protect Batman from all of the joker’s goons. In the middle of the battle, the joker trapped Batman in some bubble and it was up to me to face him. I was no rookie by that time, but that battle was truly an ordeal. It came to a huge climax when Joker sprayed a large quantity of his toxin onto me. I was laughing uncontrollably and the stress of trying to resist the laughter must of activated a metagene I didn’t even know I had. I broke out of Joker’s influence and screamed. The scream literally made Joker’s ears bleed and it eventually knocked him unconscious from the massive blood loss. If Batman didn’t manage to stop me, I probably would of killed him. It was the joker, a death-worshipping psychopath that can’t be reasoned with that managed to help me unlock one of my greatest gifts: the sonic scream. I still used all of the training batman gave me, but as I learned how to harness this new ability, I started using that along with my other skills. Today, I work alone and occasionally team up with other heroes when I really have to. Using what I learned, I started applying my more effective method of fighting crime and crossed lines that Batman would never cross. I am Lady Blackbird and this is my story.

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