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Age:Around 14-16


Physical description:African American Male, Flatop, Red Eyes without Mask and White with Mask. Wears a tradiaonal Red Lantern suit.


Weapon of Choice:Hand Blasts(Fine with any weapon)


Blood Magic:Like any Red Lantern he can use blood magic.

Construct creation:Able to create constructs from rage


Xiali was born on an alien planet to Earthling parents(Suprise Suprise). His parents were Blue Lanterns and were killed in the events of "Lights Out". Once he was informed he changed his name and cut all ties to his family. He started to supress his rage and it started to get worse and worse. But one of the ten rings that Atrocitus sent out found him and he became and a Red Lantern. Soon in his events he found out that his parents were alive and it was Atrocitus who had someone inform Xiali that his parents where dead while he figured out away to kill them himself it started to change him. Xiali would start to feed all his rage into his ring allowing him to keep a calmer head and gained him the ability to create constructs. He still kept his changed name so if he angered someone they would not go after his family

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Re: Xiali

Hello, and welcome to DCUORP! You might have noticed that this forum is dead, but the RP has not died. A large part of the community has moved to DCUOnline RP. We hope to see you there!


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