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Father Nature

Hero/Villain name: Father nature (Hero)

Name: Tony Usher

Affiliation: none

Age: 21

Rank:1st class hero

Primary skills: Hand to hand combat and great archery skills.

Main weapons: hands and transformations also uses a bow he grows useing his plant powers.

Technique: martial arts

Apparel: clothes made from the fur of his animal transformations.

Race: Earthling



Symbol: a wolf surrounded by trees

Ablities: animal and plant beast transformations, able to talk to animals and plants, and pheromones used to influence people and animals to do his bidding.

Bio: being the forbidden child of a hero (Beast boy) and villain (Poision ivy) he was sent to live with a distant family memeber and given a name that had no relation to either parent to protect him from members of either side, using him to get to his parents. By the age 16 he had full control over his powers and set off on his own living In the forest,he ditched his name and took the title Father Nature and vowed to protet nature as long as he lived and unlike his dad he enjoys eating meat. He has tan skin and bushy hair, and can usually be seen in his animal forms traveling with random packs of animals.
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Re: Father Nature

Hello, and welcome to DCUORP! You might have noticed that this forum is dead, but the RP has not died. A large part of the community has moved to DCUOnline RP. We hope to see you there!

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