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Vedma Klinok

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Villain Name: Vedma Klinok
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Physical Description: She looks much like a white tiger anthromorph complete with fur.

Weapon of Choice: dual blades
Powers: Ice
Movement Type: Acrobatics

Born in Pripyat, Ukraine, Vedma grew up during the time of the Soviet Union. Her father worked at Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. When Chernobyl went into nuclear meltdown, Vedma's father rushed to get his daughter and wife away from the blast zone. They had nearly made it to the border of what is now called the "Exclusion Zone" when reactor number four exploded. The immense radiation and blast hit the family's car, sending it flying off the road. The glass shattered and Vedma was hit with the radiation as was her parents. Her parents died after months in the hospital. But Vedma started to change She grew fur, a tail and the ears of a tiger. Her body changing dramatically. And anything she [sign in to see URL]. She also basically stopped aging, stuck at 26 years of age. The KGB took her and trained her. They gave her a new codename that, in translation, meant Ice Witch. After the fall of the KGB and the Soviet Union, Vedma took on the role of the mercenary. Working for the highest bidder. One of her contracts took her to Gotham where she met and did business with the Joker. While working with the Joker, one of their jobs drew the attention of the Batman. Vedma was able to help the Joker escape through her talents. To this day, Vedma still works for the Joker.
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Re: Vedma Klinok

Hello, and welcome to DCUORP! You might have noticed that this forum is dead, but the RP has not died. A large part of the community has moved to ]DCUOnline RP. We hope to see you there!

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