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Username: Vlaxor

Character Real Name: Hayden Smith

Hero Name: Boost
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Physical Description: 126 lbs and in good shape

Weapon of Choice: Fists
Powers: Speedster
Movement Type: Super-Speed

History :
13 year old Hayden was walking home from wrestling practice one day after school when Braniac invaded Central City. Shortly after this, Hayden was infected by some robot, granting him the ability to move at superhuman speeds. His initial thought was to go to The Flash for help. In his search, Superman himself invited Hayden to sign up with the Justice League. So he did, and soon after he met with Kid Flash on a mission. Instead of learning from The Flash he learned from Bart Allen. Hayden trained with Bart for a year before he got assigned to a team of young heroes called "Young Justice" where he learned basic tactics and got more battle experience from the rest of the team. After a year in Young Justice, Wally West had invited Hayden to work with him. Accepting this offer, Hayden left the team to go help Wally West on Prime Earth. Here, he learned more about the speed force and his ablities. After a few months, Hayden quit working with Wally, wanting to try working on his own, but still associated with the Justice League.

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