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Tundra (John R. Wicker)

(Hey! I'm new to RPing on here but i do have experience in rping so. Heres my character)
Preferred User Nickname: Dank

Hero Name: Tundra
Physical Description: He's an African American with a slightly overweight build. He has blue eyes, white hair (Due to how he gain his powers) and has a long scar on his right eye.

Weapon of Choice:Sword
Powers: Cryrokenises (Control over ice)
Movement Type: Acrobatics


Since he was a boy, he has always went adventuring with his father. One day in the Artic Circle his vehicle short circuted leaving him stranded in the middle of no where. Days went by as he walked through the white snow until he finally collapsed. Starving and on the brink of insanity he ate the snow, he ate until he found the strength to move on. Little did he know that snow was lased with radiated peices metal from a sunken ship under the ice. He eventually found his way home to his father. Not wanting to endanger his son anymore his father (Jerry Wicker) retired from his expeditions and settled down in Jump City. John later discovered his powers through an accident in a school hallway and ever since then he's been training his powers and doing good.
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Re: Tundra (John R. Wicker)

Hello, Dank and welcome to DCUORP! You might have noticed that this forum is dead, but the community has not died. A large part of the community has moved to DCUOnline RP. We hope to see you there!

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