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Rosie Gunn

Preferred User Nickname: Rosie


"Good and evil don't exist, love"

Name: Rosie Gunn

Alias: Black Queen

Country of Origin: England

Identity: Public Identity

Age: Somewhere in her 20s

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Slender, young. Wears a black top hat, compound glasses, open-chest jacket, black leggings and a long black cape. Black gloves and boots.

Weapon of Choice: Dual Pistols

Powers: Sorcery, Summoning minions

Movement Type: Acrobatics





Born into a carnival family, it was her mother who first noticed Rosie's knack for magic. Quickly getting used to the feel of a wand between her fingers, Rosie's power grew faster than her body did. At the tender age of 9, she was already able to create magic portals. However, she was still reckless, and when the traveling carnival gave a show in Gotham City, Rosie, now 13 years of age, was excluded, for a reason. Unaware of her power, she snuck out of her caravan and into the tent. Rosie wanted to join the show, but when she saw her parents, she panicked. In her fear she created a vortex in the middle of the tent, which swallowed everyone inside, including her family members. Barely able to escape the portal, Rosie quickly felt the grief of losing her relatives and friends. During her griefing process Rosie was approached by Checkmate, who offered to help her control her powers. She quickly rose to the rank of Black Queen at the age of 21. Using her great magical power against the enemies of Checkmate, she soon made waves in the world, alerting the JLA. Rosie was taken from Checkmate's base of operations and driven into a pact to never harm another human ever again, and at the same time work for the Justice League in secret. Rosie accepted reluctantly, and thus began simultaneously helping and exploiting the world. Is she a villain? A hero? Nobody really knows, not even Rosie Gunn herself.





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Re: Rosie Gunn

You should post on the new site. This site will be for archives only, soon.


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