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Emergency! Calling all Heroes! Calling all Heroes!

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Every news channel, every station, every anchor staring out at you with the same worried look on their face. A chill ran down your spine, the hairs on your neck and arms standing on end. You have flashbacks to other incidents, other times like this, other moments when all the channels turned to one story. The Xree Invasion, Braniac's Invasion, 9/11, the Challenger Explosion. It was never, ever good.

"This just in, the National Guard for D.C., Michigan, New York, and New Jersey have been called out we are asking all citizens to stay in doors and await order for general evacuation. I repeat, stay in-doors, and await order for a general evacuation." The anchors said, each of them staring bleakly out of the television screens, their eyes wide with shock.

"Earlier this day in downtown Gotham, the criminal syndicate known as the Hoods had engaged in a full-on war with the GCPD and heroes from the Stormguardians and the UnSanctioned leagues. They have completely unveiled themselves and declared full on war in the streets, revealing a new army of super-powered vilains they have built in secret."

"Scores if not hundreds of police officers, and civilians are dead and dying. And worse, the Hoods are winning." They said, their jaws going slack in horror. A camera view of buildings burning appeared in the corner of the screen.

"They, the Hoods, have just made an announcement, a terrible bloody announcement, broadcast throughout Gotham. They report have planted Kryptonite-infused nuclear explosives inside Gotham City, Metropolis, Midway City, and Washington D.C. They then broadcast a live demonstration of such a device, exploding an entire island in the Caribbean." They said, the image changing to a green-tinged mushroom cloud. A live still.

"The U.S. Government has not announced whether this test was real nor what it's plan is to deal with this new threat. They have said only one thing, they are calling on all heroes. Every hero who can be mustered, to rise up and help. Keep the people calm, stop any panic, and work together now more than ever to end this dire threat."

"This is the world. Signing off."

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