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Re: Last nights Flash episode showed me the problem with Supergirl...

That is exactly why I am a Stat nerd lol. I see SG'S stats and think, OK so c4 strapped to her chest *might* singe her hair. That is how it should be. By the same token, a lantern should really not have trouble with a costumed vigilante.

I like playing powerhouses, I will admit that, but even Cir, she is not a match for, say, PG in a real all out fight, the two just are not equal. And that makes sense to me. Fighting folks like PG should be a test of tactics and imagination, as it should be anytime someone punches up the food chain of power.

You should be allowed to play up your kryptonite invulnerability, or the character kind of looses something. How quickly would you get bored of seeing Lex take on Superman if Lex had a 50/50 shot at KOing Supes with his fists? It's the brilliant tactics and plots of the weaker character that makes the encounters interesting in my opinion.


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