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posticon Remember The Ashes

The sound of footsteps against the concrete grew louder as a bulky man ran through the warehouse. His breathing growing heavy out of exhaustion and anxiety. Only a few meters for the exit and he would be free he though.

A muffled clank echoed through the warehouse followed by the man's terrified scream as a grapple hook wrapped itself around the man's calf and snatched him to fall face first against the rough concrete.

"Going somewhere?" A cold voice resonated before the grapple line retracted dragging the across the floor towards the source of the sound where a masked woman in depleted promethium suit stood with a sly smirk across her face. The man rolled on the ground to face the woman towering above him as he mumbled "Costumed freak, Ain't no way you gone stop this."

The masked woman's grin only widened as she placed her foot on the man's knees and started pushing "The name is Nocturne" she said as she put more weight against the man's knees almost to the point of breaking it. "And that's a double negative, it infers a positive" she finished before putting on just enough pressure to snap the man's knee backwards.

"UGHHHHH" the man screamed in pain and threw his head back slamming it against the concrete in reflex. "!@#$ YOU" he yelled.

-"360, That's the number of joints in the human body, 359 in your case. I wonder, how many do I have to break before you give up."

Nocturne's eyes rolled in their sockets before she sighed "I don't think your English is that good." She replied before she kicked the man's head before stomping on his fingers "I don't know about you, But I'm having fun" she put more pressure on his fingers before she snapped his pinky.

-"OH MY GOD, WHAT THE !@#$ AWWWWW" the man screamed in agony.
-"Oh, I can do this all day" she said before laughing and shifting her heel to the next finger.

-"!@#$, STOP, STOP"

Nocturne relieved the pressure from the man's finger and peered at the man's face from behind her googles waiting for an answer for a few seconds and the man just cried in pain shifting his head side to side in pain mumbling as he cried.

In one quick move Nocturne stomped her heel against the man's ring figure shattering the bones and the man's screams would echo throughout the entire block "I'm sorry I can't help myself, each second that passes that I don't have my answer I've got to hear a bone break." she finished and moved her heel to the next finger. "Laughter lane, 23 Laughter lane" the man finally gave up as he cried. Nocturne foot raised up above the man's neck and the man begged "Please stop.. please.. I have have 2 daughters. please."

She looked at the man for a few moments contemplating taking his life here and now, one swift move and it will all be over. "Please" the man pleaded. A faint sigh escaped her lips as her eyes rolled in their sockets before she fired her grapple gun making her exit the same way she came in; through the skylights


Evil is an abyss, once you slip there is no telling how deep you are going to fall. How many lives to be ruined and how many more in collateral damage.
Loyd Robinson, a widowed father of 2. Broke, decided to take the easy way to money to support his terminally ill daughters. Small time Mirthil Dust drug dealer goon, involved in abduction of 3 teens and the kidnap of 2 more. To top it off with 2 more dead from Mithril dust abuse. Would do anything to get more money to entertain his dying daughters. Such dedication.

If I must kill a man because he has done wrong, do I really wish to know that he is a devoted father.


Nocturne raced through the empty streets making her way towards the mentioned venue, Loyd is the GCPD's problem now.. The victims are all that matters now and the clock is ticking.

Nocturne parked just in front of the block of flats and taped a few buttons on her OPSAT to activate the motorbike's defenses. A touch to the side of her googles to activate sonar vision getting a full scan of the building to identify which floor the victims where in. Aiming her gauntlet at the top floor's stairs rail she fires her wrist grapple hook to pull herself in a couple of seconds 12 floors above. Swiftly she pulled a pack of C2 explosives from her belt fixing it on the front door before switching of her Sonar vision. She took a deep breath before she mumbled to herself "Alright, Fireworks time"


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