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The Ultron Ultimatum Prologue (Zerox Crystals)

Andrew sat at the computer in his room at the Sentinels' current base in New Orleans, Louisiana, watching old footage of the Sentinels back before Ultron was created. Back when Captain America and Firebrand were alive. Watching it brought back memories and made him tear up a little bit. It still didn't make sense to him as to why Ultron did the things he did. It also didn't make sense as to how he was able to activate himself at birth with no one around.

Just as well, Andrew found himself worried about Earth 333. Who would protect it without them there? Surely Fury had it under control, but for how long? He shook his head, as he couldn't worry about it right now.

Andrew turned his head to the crystal on the table that had dropped from when he and Lara fought Kanden while on the search for Robert Stones, and then he remembered what Lara said about the seer telling her about "mystic crystals", and that Ultron had one of them. Andrew brought up the internet search, and typed in "Mystic Crystals", and a lot of things came up that didn't seem to fit: Crystal Stars, Pure Hearts, Chaos Emeralds, Infinity Gems, none of what he was looking for. Then something else came to mind, and he typed in "Mystic Multiverse Crystals".

This seemed to be what Andrew was looking for, as he was shown a story of an ancient being millenias ago who went on a quest to conquer the multiverse. Universes fell to the power of this monster, and eventually all hope seemed to be lost. That was until beings from the dimension known as Zerox created twelve powerful crystals to stop the universe conqueror, one of which had the same properties as what Ultron had been using to create breaches between universes. With the combined power of the crystals, the being was imprisoned in a universe that it could not escape, and the only thing that could free it was the instrument of its imprisonment: the Zerox Crystals.

Suddenly, it all came together for Andrew. Ultron was looking to free the ancient being and use him to take over the multiverse. Only one thing didn't add up... Why was Ultron believing what appeared to be a fairy tale? Of course, it might be real, as Ultron had come in possession of one of these "Zerox Crystals."

Andrew looked at the seemingly regular crystal on his desk, and spoke. "ROB?" he asked. "Run the sample of this crystal and see if you can find anything like it in one of the locations where Ultron has ported to over the last few months."

>Of course, sir.< ROB replied. >I have narrowed it down to one location.<

Andrew looked up, raising an eyebrow. "Where?" he asked. >Six Flags, New Orleans.< ROB replied. Andrew nearly froze. "He's been right under our noses this entire time..." he muttered, standing up. "ROB, I want to broadcast a message to any heroes who can help."

>Of course, sir.< ROB replied.

Andrew would sit back on the computer, and bring up the mic next to him. "Hello." Andrew began saying. "My name is Andrew Beam. Where I'm from, people called me Iron Man. I am from a universe much like yours, but different in many ways. Back there, I was the CEO of STAR Labs and the leader of a hero team called the Sentinels. Recently, I mistakenly created an Artificial Intelligence called Ultron to help bring peace and order to my world, but as he evolved, he saw all of life as something that stood in the way of that, and tried to destroy all life on my Earth. He killed two of my teammates in the process."

Andrew breathed deeply for a second before he continued speaking. "We fought him for months until he found a way to make breaches in the space and time continuum, and create a bridge from our universe to yours. As to why he came here I was unsure, until recently. Now that I know what his plan is and where he is, I am here to ask for help. I don't like asking for any of you listening to risk your lives for something I'm responsible for, but if Ultron succeeds, all life may be extinguished. It's a lot to ask for, but with how powerful Ultron has become, it has become a necessity to ask for help." he then paused. "Ultron, I know you can hear me. I know what your plan is, and I know how you're doing it. Trust me when I say that I will stop you, and I will end you. That's not a threat, it's a promise." Andrew said in an angry tone. "For those of you who wish to help, my personal AI, ROB, is monitoring this broadcast channel, and he will find a way to contact those of you who wish to help when and where we will take this threat down. I will no longer allow my monster of a creation to wreak havoc on your world. That I promise you. This is Iron Man, signing off."

Andrew then ended the recording. "Make sure it gets sent to the appropriate people and doesn't get picked up by anyone we don't want it to, like the press." he said. >I will be careful not to.< ROB said. >Do you think anyone will answer?<

Andrew stood up from the chair, crossing his arms. "I don't know, ROB... I just don't know..."

((To be continued in Zerox Crystals: The Ultron Ultimatum!))

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