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Swat Girl

Hero Name: Swat Girl
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Naturally tall; Madison long ago adhered to an exercise regime to balance out her proportions, preferring a sculpted physique to one of a lanky beanpole. She tends to keep her rich brunette hair short and controllable, tying it back the few times it grows longer than her neck.

Weapon of Choice: A nanotech device of alien origin; embedded within her body is about a hundred kilograms of cell-sized drones integrated into her biology. With little more than a thought she can transform her right arm from it's automated prosthetic state to a multitude of weapon and device modes.

Powers: With the nanite cluster integrated into her physiology, her body has been enhanced beyond that of human norms. Her vision is capable of attuning to a variety of different spectrums. Her hearing can be focused and boosted. Her already impressive strength has been multiplied. Her body is more resistant to injury.

Movement Type: In keeping with her athletic nature, she is well practiced in free running, rock climbing, spelunking, etc; hobbies now given an extra dimension by her nanotech capabilities.

History: Born the second child and only daughter of a police officer mother and firefighter father; Madison grew up in a middle-class household on the outskirts of Metropolis. Always big for her age, she excelled at sports, a talent further boosted by a tactical acumen nurtured by her father. While her studies were not overlooked, she never rose above an average student.

At age fourteen, her father and her were caught up in a skirmish between heroes and villains. Her father was left paralysed from the waist down, and Madison lost her right arm just below the elbow. She entered a period of depression, having to give up her sports teams due to her disability. Her father however did not allow this, and the two overcame these changes together.

At age sixteen, her older brother, always having had a chip on his shoulder, got into an argument with their parents over his possession of drug paraphernalia. Blows were exchanged and he walked out; he has not been heard from since.

((Will finish sometime))

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