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What happens when a hero starts to break?

"Are you sure you're okay if I record this?" Dr. Molly Sorenson asked as she set up with her notepad.

"Yeah doc, it's fine. Not like anyone but you is gonna hear this anyway right?" Red Chevalier said settling down into a chair. The rain outside was pouring down hard, not good weather for flying, so now was a good time for this, if there ever was one.

"Alright" she said shifting in her own chair and folding her legs. "Go head whenever you're ready."

There was silence in the office, aside from the sound of rain and the quiet mechanical hiss of the voice recorder, while he folded and unfolded his hands a few times before he gave a deep sigh.

"Last night, I stopped a man from trying to break into a high rise in downtown Metropolis." His blank white eyes staring off into the aether. "Pretty standard hero fare y'know?" he gave a sick kind of chuckle before continuing. "But it didn't go down like it was supposed to..." his hands shook as his voice trailed off a little. "I lost count of how many of these low level thugs I have busted, stealing cars or trying to break into places."

"You would be surprised Red," she said softly already scribbling down notes as he continued.

"Well I flew down behind this guy and said something cliche, like I am supposed to, and he turned around, and usually these pissants try to run or immediately give themselves up once they see the cape." he took another deep breath. "But this idiot pulled a gun, and fired right at my chest, didn't even stop to think, just tried to kill me right there."

"Aren't you bulletproof?" Sarah asked looking up from her notes.

"I am, but that isn't the point..." he ran his hands through his hair as he tried to collect himself, "If it had been anyone else, besides me, we could be burying another hero for Thanksgiving." his hands were clenched so tightly his knuckles were white, and they were shaking.

"What happened next Red?" She said trying to get him to stay focused.

"I got mad doc," he said looking up and right at her. His eyes unreadable, but the pain on his face was clear as the glowing neon signs outside. "I grabbed his arm and just crushed it! I felt his bones shatter under my hand like they were nothing, and he screamed. Oh god his scream" his voice trailed off again as he began to shake.

"Red," Sarah tried to comfort him, "You're a hero, doing dangerous work, people are going to get hurt."

"Not like [sign in to see URL] by me," he almost whispered looking down at his hands. "I am supposed to be a protector, to use these powers to save people....."

"Red I am sure it was just an accident." She tried again.

"You don't get it doc," he said, the pain on his face replaced by anger. "I wanted to hurt that little !@#$. Hell I wanted to take him by his broken arm and dangle him over the edge of the building, hear him beg for his life and just let him go." He made a releasing move with his hand. He stared at his open hand for a long time before he started to cry, tears streaming down his chiseled cheeks.

"God I don't know the Bat does it."
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