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The Longest Flight Ever...

"Attention, Passengers. Welcome aboard Ferris Airways. I'm your flight attendant, Catherine Jo...."

Drake exhaled deeply as he took his seat on the aisle of the plane. He'd been in Washington DC for well over 3 months now on important business. As the attendant continued to go over the pre-flight safety routine, Drake craned his neck around, stretching the muscles. "Dr. Green, right?" A unknown voice came out from the chair next to him.

Calmly Drake let out another slow and controlled breath, reaching in his inner coat pocket for his pen. "Yeah. Who do I make it out to..." Drake opened his eyes to look over at the person and was met with an unexpected face. "Oh... Agent Chase, was it? I'm so sorry about that." Drake puts his pen back in the pocket but palms his Power Ring instead. "It's just I wasn't..."

"Expecting an Agent from the [sign in to see URL]. to track you down and make it a point to ensure they were sitting right next to you on your highly unusual and out of character move to actually fly on a plane? No, why would you ever expect one of us to keep track of such a High Profile Lantern of Sector 2814 as yourself, and then pounce on the opportunity to tag along the moment your name comes across our database as taking a plane across the country?"

"Me? High Profile? Oh Agent, you flatterer, you."

"Seriously, Lantern. Why are you on this plane?What does the Tribunal know that we don't?"

"Holy !@#$! You mean to tell me that we know something the All-Mighty [sign in to see URL]. doesn't? How could this be?! We would NEVER keep anything of importance from you all!" Drake rolled his eyes. "Also, I've been away from the Tribunal for over 3 months now. I doubt I'm still even their Liaison."

"Well," Agent Chase replied "according to our intel, which is HIGHLY accurate, we show you still are." Cameron removed a tablet from her carry on and showed the screen to Drake. It clearly depicted a roster of active and reputable members of the Tribunal and Doctor Drake Green, Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814 listed as Liaison but also as MIA. "Care to explain the MIA one for me, Doctor?"

"Yeah... about that." Drake scratched his head uneasily as the plane came to a stop at the start of the runway. "Can we hold on to that thought for a minute?"

"I don't think we can, Doctor! The [sign in to see URL]. is trying to assist..." At that moment, the back wheels left the tarmac and Drake went from Drake Green to Drake Green-er... Unable to grab his air sickness bag in time or slide his ring on, he vomited all over Agent Chase. After a few moments of shock and a stewardess helping to clean the two up, Drake looked up to see that Cameron had not looked away from him for a moment.

"I told you to hold that thought... So, how about I take you out and let the JT buy you a new Secret Agent, mission Impossible suit?" Drake quipped but Agent Chase remained furiously silent. "Oh, and I'll replace the tablet... Was that a Lord tech, L Corp, or Starrware? If it's the latter, I'm sure I can get you a better one... So, when we land, how about a date? Too soon? Yeah... probably too soon. Tell you what. Since You are flying my way, we can discuss my absence in detail at my lab, which is in an undisclosed location and you will have to submit to being blindfolded once we get in my car. I swear I won't take advantage of you or try to knock you out. Spritzer? Stewardess! Can we get a couple of Spritzers? God, it's going to be nice to be home again. I bet Peej is going to be so happy to see me that she'll kiss me! Addie will give me cookies and Ka... errrr. Supergirl will let me eat them! Then Thundergirl will come out of nowhere and punch me so hard, I'll fly through the wall and smash into Arsen's tank who will be chillin with Ava and they will also be so happy to see me that they'll finally confess their undying love for me and they'll kiss me, then Peej will get jealous and they will..."

"Uhg... Longest Flight Ever..." Cameron sighed as Drake continued to nervously ramble...

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