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Gehruna, "The Shapeshifter"



Usually appears female

Physical Description:
Whatever her current victim desires, most prominently a scantily clad woman with blood-red wings protruding from her back

Weapon of Choice:
A pair of heavy iron gauntles with spikes on the side of them

Shapeshifting, enhanced persuasion

Movement Type:
Acrobatic (in primary form)
Aerial (in insect form)
Speed (in wolf form)

A daughter of Hades, Gehruna had lived in the shadows for a thousand years. When she heard wind of the birth of a "child of clay", she got interested. According to her, such a child was clearly blessed by the Gods themselves. Gehruna, as greedy as she was, thought she could just snatch the babe from its mother's arms and then sell it back for a lifetime amount of gold. Yet, the plan failed, the child turned out to be a champion to the Gods and they protected it as such. Strucken by grief over losing her chance to become rich beyond her dreams, Gehruna desperately begged her father, Hades, for his aid. Send as a lackey to the Secret Society of Supervillians as punishment by her father for rocking the boat, Gehruna soon found herself in an uncomfortable situation...
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