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Elenwe, the Seer

When there is no other way, the perilous path is the only road to salvation.

A thousand years is but a blink to the elder races, and the skilled Seer known as Elenwe knows this. Her black and tan robes swirl around her as she moves, adorned with glowing runes of alien design. She carries a strange spear with her, with a glowing blade and a hilt made from a resilient material similar to bone. A pistol with a handguard that resembles a crossbow hangs from her hip.

Her jet-black armor is adorned with dark red gemstones, each radiating with the psychic energy that surrounds her. A light blue glow also radiates from her eyes almost constantly, illuminating her porcelain skin. Beneath her long, jet-black hair, long ears poke out.

Elenwe was trained at birth to become a Farseer, a powerful psychic capable of gazing far into the future. As she finished her training, she returned to her home, Ulthwe. Once home, she began protecting the damned world from the incursions enemy forces and galactic threats. She soon found herself tasked with the mission of seeking out these threats and destroying them.

Elenwe's mission was simple. She led her personal guard across the stars and brought fear to the enemies of the elder race. During one engagement on a distant planet, the enemy forces began to retreat. Elenwe, drained of energy and weary from battle, gave the order to return to the ship. She planned to attack them in space, and destroy their ship. However, as they entered the great abyss of space, they came under fire. Elenwe gave the order to retaliate, and joined her team as a pilot. The skirmish began above the blue planet, and Elenwe's ship was heavily damaged. She aimed the damaged fighter for Terra, and hoped for the best.

She awoke floating on a river, the stars above her. Elenwe was damaged, but her natural abilities allowed her to control the bleeding. She hid her fighter and made her way to the shore, only to find a city of metal and glass. She had found the human city of Metropolis, and her crash had been reported as a meteor shower. She was trapped, unable to contact her force, and unable to take flight. The seer was injured, and she knew she needed to find help. The only question was, if she could...


"At the moment of the kill, they are never more alive." -Widowmaker
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