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Praetor Raven (Updated)

“I don’t miss”

General Information

Name: Praetor Raven
Name Meaning: While serving in the Liberation Legion, which took inspiration from Roman legions, Raven was raised to Praetor. To honor them, she continues to call herself Praetor Raven.
Pronounciation: Pray-ter Ray-ven
Other Names: Raven, Agent Raven, Raven of Lockwood, White Archer, Warrior of the Sun, Shadow.
Titles: Agent, Praetor.

Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 85 (Looks and has the mentality of a 27 year old.)

Birth Date: In her native Universe, in Earth terms, she was born in 4156. In Human Alliance terms, she was born in Federation Year 45.
Birth Place: Aiea, Hawaii, Earth.

Species: Chosen Mortal
Home-Planet: Earth
Nationality: Hawaiian
Occupation: Agent for The Nighthawk Brigade.

Dominant Hand: Right
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Blood Type: O(-)


Main Appearance: Raven has pale skin, with short, dark blue hair. Her eyes are emerald green. She’s 5’11 regularly, but 6’1 in her suit. The suit itself is dark gray and skintight, created by Vixen Volt. It’s capable of resisting magical damage, and absorbing shock of high intensities. She can jump off a building, hit terminal velocity, and land on her feet, no damage done, due to her the design of the suit. It turns the shock into heat energy, and dispels it, at a huge and rapid pace. The goggles in the mask are also capable of Night Vision, X-Ray Vision, Thermal Vision, and Light Vision. (Allows her to see directly into bright lights.)

Alternate Appearances: Though it has only happened once in her lifetime, if her patron God, Maliti, teams up with her, and loans him more of his power, she goes into what is dubbed “Goddess Mode.” In this form, she has so much vapor around her that she appears to just be a cloud of cold mist. Though if you move past the mist, she is completely and totally naked, but her skin appears to made completely of ice.


Wardrobe: Usually either wears her suit, or a white shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers. She doesn’t have many clothing options, and will usually just borrow simple clothes from Vixen.

Accessories: None
Musical Instruments: Violin
Piercings: None
Hygiene: Though she does try to keep herself clean, she usually does not have time to clean herself regularly, due to being captured, or extremely focused on her case. Luckily, her suit does not let odors out for this very reason.
Makeup: None
Perfume: None, usually.
Scent: Seawater
Tattoos: None, anymore.


Diet: Doesn’t have one, eats whatever she can get, usually, but never in large portions. She does like to keep in shape.
Exercise: Hardcore, full body workouts. Usually does acrobatics practice in a Star Labs gym, Archery Practice, Cardio, Core, Upper and Lower body, Aerobics, and Balance excercises
Fitness: Very in-shape, near Olympian Level
Posture: Good, always standing up straight.
Abnormalities: None
Aids: None
Allergies: Sunflower Seeds
Diseases: None
Illnesses: None
Disorders: PTSD, thoughts of suicide, Night Terrors
Broken Bones: Femur (both legs), Ribs, Radius, middle finger (both hands), pointer finger (right), pinkie (both hands), big toe (both feet), pinkie toe (left foot.)


Accent/Dialect: Northern
Voice: Rough, intense.
Laughter: Surprisingly bubbly, when it is genuine.
Impediments: Stutters when nervous.


Languages: Russian, English, Spanish, and some alien languages (Eranellian, Altaxian, Southern Synthesian.)
Personality: Hardcore and fierce, Raven is very serious at almost all times. Despite this, she has a warm and nice side, deep down. People like Vixen Volt and Vivian Fukanya have been able to coax it out.


Outlook on Life: Grim and Unfair. She thinks that in order to survive through the trials of life, you have to be exceptionally strong. Nothing will ever be “fair” in life, to her. You have to make it fair.
Philosophy/Motto: Eye for an Eye. Anything someone does, they deserve right back, equal and just. But she understands there are exceptions for this rule. Surprisingly, she delivers justice to her own subjective judgment, not the objective rule of the law.


Priorities: Stomping out people who prey on the weak, and stomping out the evil. Her personal priority is finally shooting an arrow through the throat of the Perfectionist. She originally planned to torture Perfectionist, but due to her many encounters with kind hearted people, she has decided to be merciful and deliver a quick death.
Self-Confidence: High. Always believes she can do whatever needs to be done, single-handedly. And if not, she has people she can trust.
Self-Esteem: Low. She does doubt herself, and will sometimes be unable to sleep at night due to the things she has done and caused to others.

Quirks: Likes to observe every inch of her surroundings for fun, just in case. Loves playing crosswords and word searches, to improve her brainpower. Also likes distracting herself by playing with string, if she’s truly bored.
Hobbies: Archery, crossword puzzles, reading, swimming.
Closet Hobbies: Looking on her past memories with fondness, if she can
Guilty Pleasures: Killing those who deserve it. Also knitting

Habits: Likes going about everything on her own, not wanting help.
Nervous tics: None
Soft Spots: Kittens and small birds

Most Prized Possession: A love note written to her by her first true love, Lance McQuaid.
Collections: Arrows

Regrets: Not being able to save most of her friends and loved ones.
Secrets: Has committed more heinous crimes than those she arrests.
Darkest Secret: She killed a 5 year old in her sleep, because she thought it was the right thing to do. It ended up being wrong.
Pet Peeves: People who say “Archery is easy, anyone can do it.”

Phobias: Spiders


Likes: Her hobbies, and people who are genuinely nice and better than her.
Dislikes: Discrimination, hatred, people who are like her, but don’t recognize their own evil.

Favorite Food: Spaghetti
Favorite Movie Genre: Rom-Com
Favorite Music Genre: Accapella

Least Favorite Food: Clam
Least Favorite Movie Genre: Horror
Least Favorite Music Genre: Rap


Ability: Expert marksman, adept martial artist, expert acrobat, keen detective skills.
Position: Mid-Range to CQC, whatever is required of her. Natural Leader
Weapon: Bow and Arrows
Element: Water and Ice
Martial Arts: Karate, Muay Thai, Judo. Also knows several alien martial arts, such as Axamia, Nobeli, and Tigri. Has her own style of combat/martial art called “Way of the Archer” which focuses on using bows in arrows in close quarters as well as far away. It’s how she’s able to leap over someone, turn in midair, and fire three consecutive arrows, all in one breath.
Strengths: CQC, Range combat, Water and Ice.
Weaknesses: Psychological combat, Cosmic/Godly Fire.
Restrictions: Can run out of arrows, and cannot generate water and ice, only manipulate it.

Home, Work, and Education

Abode: Vixen Volt’s house/Nighthawk Brigade dorms

Pets: None
Roommates: Vixen Volt/Other Nighthawk Brigade members

Sleep Patterns: Erratic


Mother: Dead
Father: Dead
Guardians: Dead
Siblings: None
Children: None
Best Friend: Vivian Fukanya
Close Friends: Nota Freek, Johnny Tell
Friends: None
Team: Nighthawk Brigade
Acquaintances: Most of the Justice Tribunals
Rival: Powergirl
Enemies: The Metas


First Love: Miranda Jones
Love Interests: Vixen Volt
Significant Other: None
Sexual and Romantic Orentation(s): Bisexual, Biromantic


Background: Born in Mexico, but raised as an orphan in Hawaii, Raven was always driven. Whether it was finding her birth parents, or some other task, she didn’t like to back down from it. That all changed when Hawaii was destroyed, along with some of Russia, by a huge wave a darkness. Only surviving due to her mentor’s intervention, she managed to escape to a distant planet. From there she managed to destroy a castle that was magically killing the greenlife of that planet. That gained the attention of the Universal Order Syndicate, a sort of police unit for the entire Universe. Sadly, she died in the line of duty. After years of death, she was revived, brought back to life by the Queen of the Gods, Lorena Vasquez, Raven’s old friend. Lorena told her that the Gods needed Raven to track down and kill Micheal Santorno, one of Raven’s old comrades, who was traveling multiverse’s and messing with their natural order on giant levels. Raven agrees, but due to Micheal’s increased power levels, she was sent to other Universe’s to train. But on her first Universe, she realized, her greatest enemy, The Perfectionist, had escaped prison, and was tracking Raven for revenge. Raven never stayed in one Universe too long, usually due to Perfectionist finding and destroying it. In the end, she found Micheal, but was unable to kill him, and he fled. Then, before Perfectionist could track Raven to that Universe, Raven fled as well. She joined the People’s Liberation Legion, who were fighting a war against a tyrant, and Raven became their Praetor. Not long after, though, Raven’s worst fear came to be, the Perfectionist found her again. Using the last Multiverse Stone, the relic that gives her the power to go to another Universe, she ended up in this one. Now, instead of running, she prepares herself for the inevitable coming of the Perfectionist. She only hopes she is finally strong enough to take her down, and kill her.
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Registered: 06-2016
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Re: Praetor Raven (Updated)

Earliest Memory: Squeezing her friend Jason’s finger when she was 4, making him cry.
Fondest Memory: Her first kiss with Lance McQuaid.
Worst Memory: Her death.
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