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Vivian Fukanya

(Made her bio with a new format my friend gave me. It still needs work, so please forgive any oversights in the format.)

“Oh please. With magic, I can overcome anything!”

General Information

Name: Elementa. (The superhero name she gave herself)
Name Meaning: Elementa means “Elements” in Latin.
Pronunciation: El-eh-men-tah
Other names: Vivian Fukanya, Viv, Agent Fukanya.
Titles: “Agent” “Chosen One”

Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 2,041 years old. (Resembles and has the mentality of a 26 year old woman.)

Birth Date: 25 BCE
Birth Place: Ancient Egypt

Species: Human
Home-Planet: Earth
Nationality: Egyptian
Occupation: Mage for The Nighthawk Brigade

Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type: AB(-)


Main Appearance: Vivian has fiery red hair, which falls down to her waist, and equally fiery red eyes. She’s around 5’6, but she usually wears heels, making her about 5’9. Her skin is slightly tanned, and she has hieroglyphs tattooed all over her body, in nearly every area. Under her left eye is the symbol for Maat, the Egyptian Goddess of Order. She has a scar running down her right left, as she was cut at a young age.

Alternative Appearances: When she focuses on channeling a single element, her appearance may change slightly. When channeling Ice, her hair goes white, her eyes go light blue, and her skin pales. Frost exhumes from her hair. When channeling fire, her hair ignites, her eyes seem to glow with the orange glow of a fire. A flame aura may appear around her. When channeling the earth, her skin darkens deeply, her hair turns brown, and her eyes grow emerald. Plants and vines may begin to literally grow out of her. When channeling wind, her hair goes silver, her eyes go light blue, and her skin seems to fade in and out, as if she is made of wind herself. When channeling Lightning, her hair goes gold, as do her eyes. She may grow an electric aura around her. Her dress may also change colors and appearances depending on the element she is focusing on channeling.


Wardrobe: Usually wears a formal dress, which never seems to get in her way. The dress is Red and White.

Accessories: Earrings, in the shape of small yellow suns. Belly-Button ring with a ruby in it. Also has a sapphire ring on her left hand.
Musical Instruments: None
Piercings: Ears, belly button.
Hygiene: Very focused on keeping herself clean, using magic to constantly ensure she isn’t dirty.
Makeup: Red lipstick, Red eyeshadow
Perfume: Guerlain Nahéma
Scent: Roses
Tattoos: Hieroglyphs to help contain and control her magic all over her body.


Diet: Well-balanced, counts her calories and watches her carb intake. She does not like to overeat, but she does not like to skip meals or not eat enough either.
Exercise: Generally does cardio, upper body, and core workouts.
Fitness: In-shape, lots of natural stamina.
Posture: Good, straight posture.
Abnormalities: None
Aids: Reading glasses/contacts.
Allergies: Peanuts
Diseases: None
Illnesses: None
Disorders: ADHD
Broken bones: Once broke her arm in a fight, but it healed fine.


Accent/Dialect: Egyptian
Voice: Soft and gentle
Laughter: Soft, generally more of a giggle.
Impediments: None


Personality: Driven, charismatic. She is very outgoing and confrontational, but prefers trying to come to a peaceful solution before engaging in a fight.


Outlook on Life: Considers it to be full of hope and possibility. Anything is possible!
Philosophy/Motto: Optimist. Strongly believes that fighting may not always be the answer.


Priorities: Protecting the Earth, as well as innocents.
Self-Confidence: Brimming with it
Self-Control: Lots. She knows how to control her power, as well as her emotions. Usually.
Self-Esteem: High. Thinks of herself as a good person. Came to this conclusion long ago.

Quirks: Likes to play with her hair to distract herself. Cracks her fingers a lot.
Hobbies: Practicing magic, reading on western culture, and overanalyzing movies she likes.
Closet hobbies: Likes to run her fingers over her tattoos at times, when she is alone and bored. She likes the goosebumps it gives her.
Guilty pleasures: Skinny-dipping.

Nervous tics: Rubbing her arm.
Soft Spots: Romantic people and gestures.

Most prized possession: A photo of her, Raven, and Jennifer Tennyson, at the beach.
Collections: None

Regrets: Not being able to save her ex-girlfriend.
Secrets: Wishes she was never prophesied to be a great mage.
Darkest Secret: She killed her own brother. She knows it was the right thing to do. It still haunts her.

Pet Peeves: People who say “All of the sudden”

Phobias: Grasshoppers


Likes: Magic, friendless, animals, and nature.
Dislikes: Stubbornness, hatred, discrimination.

Favorite Food: Hawawshi
Favorite Movie genre: Thillers
Favorite Music Genre: Jazz

Least favorite food: Pork Chops (She can’t stand them, for some reason.)
Least favorite movie genre: Rom-Com
Least favorite music genre: Death Metal


Ability: Magical mastery of the ancient elements.
Position: Usually ranged, firing from the back as someone else goes in for the close-encounter.
Weapon: None specifically.
Element: Magic
Martial Arts: None
Strengths: Magic, stealth, negotiation, planning.
Weaknesses: Close quarters combat, improvisation.
Restrictions: Magic takes a toll on her body. If she isn’t careful, the Magic energy can burn her out. Despite being very powerful, the Magic strength is based on her own willpower and stamina. If she tires, and loses willpower, the magical strength of her spells lessen.

Home, Work, and Education.

Abode: Dorm in one of the Nighthawk HQs.

Pets: None
Roommates: Co-workers in the Arcane Unit of the Nighthawk Brigade.

Sleep Patterns: Early to bed, early to rise.


Mother: Dead
Father: Dead
Guardians: None
Siblings: None
Children: None
Best Friend: Praetor Raven
Close Friends: None, really.
Friends: Red Guardsman, occasionally. And her co-workers, whom she considers friends.
Team: The Nighthawk Brigade
Acquaintances: None
Rivals: None
Enemies: Kalashnikov Dynasty, The Metas, Selena Snow.


First Love: Selena Snow
Love Interests: None
Significant Other: None
Sexual and Romantic Orentation(s): Bisexual, biromantic.


Background: Born in ancient Egypt, Vivian was prophesied to be the greatest Mage to ever grace the kingdom. But, she was destined to die after the great kingdom fell. Desperate to ensure this never happened, she was put into a magical coma for years, and hidden in a tomb. One day, a dead wizard, Artiat, managed to get enough power to wake her. Due to cosmic events, Artiat said she was now needed. Artiat also had another pupil, Selena. For years, they trained together, working on improving her skills, though she could only master fire. Eventually, Selena left their team, to due moral differences. After saving Egypt from a mythical threat, she was recruited by the Legion of Avengers, where she worked with them to stop the cosmic threat that caused her to wake in the first place. During this journey, she managed to perfect her magics, no longer needed Artiat’s guidance.

Earliest Memory: Darkness surrounding her, as she was placed in the tomb.
Fondest Memory: Sharing her first kiss with Selena.
Worst Memory: Burning her friend Raven alive, to purge her of a curse.

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