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the last good deed of a lost soul - Alicia

Within the darkness of an old abandoned warehouse on the northernmost docks of Seattle rain poured from the cloud covered skies. As the rain poured down a small break in the clouds gave way to a moments beam of moonlight that soon returned behind the darkness of the clouds as it gave a momentary illumination of the Warehouses roof.

Though, as the light faded away the glow of a slender figure looking skyward shimmered with soft blueish energy. Moments after the energy was visible the figure slowly drifted out of sight behind the wall as a ragged looking elderly Homeless man shuffled through the torrents of falling water. His body covered in ratty tattered coats and home made shoes made out of newspapers torn tee shirts and melted cellophane wrappers from cigarette packs found discarded on the streets. On his hands an old pair of woolen socks and a torn children's jacket hood pulled down tightly onto the matted hair covering his head.

As the man made his way to the warehouse, he muttered something under his breath about how horrible the weather was and pushed inside. Backing his way into the door he stood quietly in the doorway as he watched the rain from the safety of the warehouse doorway. Though, his safety seemed to be in danger as the figure from the window floated down slowly into view behind him without a sound.

While the man stood there looking out he looked down and didn't seem to shuffle or twitch a muscle as he replied to what seemed like nothing. "You know. in the service giving away a position like this is usually a bad idea. The enemy won't ever play so kindly." At that moment he'd lift his hand and reveal a small sheet of damp paper. "I know this will mean little to someone like you, but tonight I have a in for you. You just have to do one thing for a dying old man as last wish.. Tell me your story, so that I know just who or what I've been keeping safe for the last couple of months." With that the old man turned and the figure of energy landed and settled to appear as the girl known only as Alicia.

Tilting her head as she looked toward the man, Alicia lowered her head and nodded toward the homeless man. After a moment her voice emitted softly from her body. "Yes Sir, I know I should have done this sooner. but words have been very hard to learn and I still find them hard to say. Can I show all I am able to?" After she said this Alicia looked up toward the man with a hopeful look in her light blue colored orbs of energy she seemed to use as the concept of eyes.

Seeing the look on Alicia's face the man sighed softly and nodded as he turned and walked over to where his makeshift resting shelter was. "Fine. but you will need to work on learning from these people better. I used all of the last of my stash of money and street resources to get this information to you. Because you don't need to be here with me. I'm no good for you kid, a drunkard homeless old discarded soldier with a drinking problem and a rotted out liver will only hold you back. So promise me, promise you will do as I say. Please."

When Alicia heard this she nodded and looked toward the man while her hands moved to hold a pair of orbs of soft energy. The Orbs then melded and shaped into a small screen shaped square as Alicia focused and the orbs that were her eyes closed and vanished from sight. Soon the square erupted in light and revealed a world much higher advanced than earth. On this world a massively large floating ball of energy hovered in place pulsing and seeming to struggle in staying present as massive air ships circled it's orbit over a vast city below. As the scene played out it flashed white from where the orb was and in brilliant light the massive orb burst and left the scene in near absolute darkness.

In a second blink of a much smaller light beamed from a nearby ship and then before long other lights were added from other ships. This didn't last for long and in a final flash of blurred light the ships shot up out of sight into the darkness of space. Then the scene flickered again and a number of strange reptilian looking aliens in high tech outfits were working diligently around a number of large devices. Though as the scene moved it seemed as though it was within a strange glass like material.

Showing the reptilian creatures once more the scene turned to reveal a very small shivering orb bouncing curiously about within a high tech looking jar. While the creatures didn't seem to say very much that was understandable it was highly clear that Alicia was in the jar and possibly the sole survivor of another planet plundered and stripped by the reptilian alien scientists. As the Homeless man sat and watched the scene he sighed out and leaned back against the wall as he seemed to become more and more comfortable while he watched.

Once more in the scene of the energy beings past, it blinked and flashed once more as the scene changed once more. the scientist reptilians forcing the poor energy being through repeated violently painful and harsh tests. over and over they used all manner of devices on her body with varied strengths. Some of the tests she barely twitched from and others clearly were more painful to her body than anything that most Earthlings could even handle at their very best. Each time a test finished another was started the aliens were clearly harshly relentless to the still growing orb of energy. It squirmed and pain filled sounds started to erupt from the orb as it over time began to take a childlike shape of Alicia. Longer and longer overtime the reptilian creatures pumped through there violently powerful tests until what seemed to speed through to years later Alicia hovered helplessly inside of a large tube.

As the creatures used all manner of energy against her they started to notice that instead of the energy harming Alicia, it was actually making her more and more powerful. Various applications were applied to the tubes testing and before long Alicia was discovered to be little more than a power source for the Reptilian Aliens. While she was forced into the purpose of acting as the aliens battery, the old man frowned and nodded as he shivered and curled up to himself. Concern on his dirty gruffly bearded face was made clear as he didn't speak and just kept watch.

Back to the scene, everything flashed once more and blurred as it seemed to fast forward to another time. This time the alien creatures rushed and scurried about as Alicia twitched and spasmed violently in what was clearly horrendous pain. Her body shaking and being wracked with thousands of piercing oddly colored energy beams, the creatures hurried not to save the poor girl but instead looked more concerned with the devices around the room. a look of madness and confusion appeared on the head of Alicia in her being tortured and she tried to tear her way free.

Punch after punch seemed to finally give Alicia a chance to break free as the tube cracked and several types of steam started to billow from the glass-like tube. Then in a explosive blast, the tube shattered and like a shooting star, Alicia shot out around the large alien laboratory. Immediately warning lights flashed and several reptilian creatures rushed in with several weapons in hand. While a fight broke out the reptilian scientists scattered about the room and out the doorways to try and find safety.

For quite a while it seemed like the energy being that was clearly Alicia fought with wild ferocity and Reptilian creatures were dispatched about the room, splotches of black ichor splattered about from the reptilians various violently inflicted injuries. But it was clearly not enough as several soldiers seemed to finally overpower Alicia and repeatedly beat her with batons created from what looked like a metal of some sort. When they stood over her proudly pinning her down Alicia was left seemingly defeated and in wracking pain.

When the scene flashed again the homeless man glanced slowly up toward Alicia and tears streaked from his weary eyes. Yet he didn't speak while the transition happened. Clearly some time later a glowing planet appeared within a place of absolute darkness as a brilliant light appeared and a massive ship appeared. For some time it orbited the lone planet and finally a beam of light blasted from the ship. the next thing that was scene a tube was lowered and the light from the ship simply vanished as the tube landed on the planets ground.

Moments after this the tube burst open and Alicia slowly pushed herself to her feet as she weakly seemed to look around in confusion. As the scene finally came to an end, Alicia was shown wandering off toward what looked like a ruined pitch black version of Seattle, AS she walked monstorous creatures lurked behind her within the darkness as Alicia held to herself and shuffled forward like an abandoned child looking for somewhere to find help.

When Alicia stopped showing the scene she absorbed the orbs in her hands and her eyes opened once more to look toward the man. The Homeless man frowned softly as he stared up toward Alicia and with a pathetic exasporated sigh he whipped his cheeks and spoke. "Alright, I understand now. here, take this paper. you'll find help with those people. For now, I'm tired.." Nodding, Alicia reached down and helped the homeless man to lay down and took the paper. When she did he took a deep breath and as he sighed out softly his voice whispered. "I'm sorry I couldn't do more, Alicia. I'm so tired. I think I'll just take a little nap."

After the Homeless man spoke he smiled weakly and breathed one more time before closing his eyes and Alicia watched him slowly pass in a final moment of peace. Without a word she turned and floated out into the rain, leaving the warehouse behind as she looked toward the paper and saw that it simply said. Starrware, Metropolis.

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Re: the last good deed of a lost soul - Alicia

(( this was so good, but omg so sad too. Poor Alicia probably did not even understand what death was. That is what made me cry, when I red it. thank you for sharing. emoticon ))


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