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Callsigns (For RP purposes)

These are callsigns that I will generally use, though you DO NOT have to specifically follow them.

Command Callsigns

- "Nighthawk-Gold": Weaponized UAV Command in the field, usually under the Guardsman's unit.

- "Nighthawk-Thorium": Mobile (Ground) Command team in the field. Always hidden in sight and away from the AO.

- "Poseidon" / "Mercury" when deployed: Command Post, Seaborne HQ. Located in the Red Sea.

- "Tomcat" / "Uranium" when deployed: Command Post, Airborne HQ.

- "Zulu-Zero" / "Barium" when deployed: Command Post, Primary HQ.

Vehicle Callsigns

- "Silver" / "Mongoose": "Fast flyers" (jets), usually CAS when called.

- "Cobalt" / "Disciple": Specifically stealth transportation jets.

- "Iron": SUV Transportation.

Ground Callsigns

- "Zulu-One": The Guardsman's personal team in most cases. Consists of a designated marksman, three field operators, and the Guardsman himself as the team leader.

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