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The Clock Hand

Real Name: Arnim Grillo
Age: 70
Occupation: Antique Dealer

Known Family

Deborah Grillo (Wife, deceased)
Natalia Carrey (Daughter)
Richard Carrey (Son-in-Law)


Arnim Grillo, age 70, was a decorated veteran during the Second World War. It was during that time, while assaulting a Nazi base in France, that his unit came across mystical artifacts, gathered for the Furher's personal usage. While an accidental explosion destroyed most of them, Grillo was able to salvage a parchment containing the recipe to a strange elixir, said to imbibe its user with god-like powers. It would be a fair many years afterwards, when, while being consistently threatened by a Midway City gang, he managed to create this miracle elixir. When imbibed, granted the now old, frail Grillo the body of a young man, along with enhanced strength, speed, endurance and agility for a period of one and one half hours. Using this power, Arnim Grillo became Clock Hand, time-efficient cloaked hero of Midway City!


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