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Canon: Firefly (Garfield Lynns)

Preferred User Nickname: Beam

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Name: Garfield Lynns
Villain Name: Firefly
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 167 lbs (76 kg)
Hair Color: None (Formerly Brown)
Eye Color: Blue
Place of Birth: Gotham City
Place of Operations: Mobile
Gender: Male
-Pyrotechnic for Motion Pictures (Formerly)
Physical Description: Wears a heat-insulated and fire-retardant battlesuit outfitted with a Jetpack and numerous incendiary weapons. 90% of his body was covered in third degree burn scars after a failed arson attempt.

Weapon of Choice: Flamethrower, Napalm Grenades, Napalm Grenade Launcher, Flame Sword, other incendiary weaponry
Abilities: Expert in pyrotechnics and explosives
Movement Type: Flight (Jetpack with wings)
-Pyromania: Firefly suffers from Pyromania, an impulse control disorder in which he deliberately starts fires in order to relieve tension or for gratification.

Criminal Record:
-178 counts of arson
-52 counts of arson causing death
-5 counts of murder in the first degree
-18 counts of robbery

Garfield Lynns was originally a pyrotechnic expert for motion pictures, but became a victim of Gotham City's severe poverty and turned to crime, displaying signs of pyromania. Lynns was captured by Batman and Robin after his first robbery. Lynns took up arson as a hobby, but it soon turned to an obsession; he believes he can see visions in the flames. Inspired by actual fireflies, he built a suit and became a professional arsonist. Early in his criminal career Firefly became the protégé of Killer Moth, looking to duplicate the success of crime-fighting duo Batman and Robin. The alliance fell apart when Killer Moth realized the full extent of Firefly's madness and feared for his well-being.

Firefly would eventually become a regular adversary of Batman, and become an arsonist for both profit and pleasure.

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