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Seattle Live 5 BREAKING NEWS - Terror Incident in Seattle's Club District


"This is Jim Donaldson with your Seattle Live 5 News reporting on a developing breaking news story involving a car bombing incident in Seattle's own Union Station neighborhood. We want to get you straight to the action -- here is Tandy Newton live at the scene. Tandy?"

"Thanks, Jim. We're here, live at the scene of Seattle's 'club district,' near Union Station. Emergency Services were responding to a 2AM car bombing outside of a popular young adult club which has seemingly broken out into a Metahuman battle involving Seattle's favorite "saviors" the Justice Tribunals.

Viewers will remember that the Justice Tribunals were recently heralded by city officials for their involvement in saving the city from the mysterious Syndicate, bringing an end to a long running nighttime curfew and a wave of terror that affected all Seattle citizens. Well no sooner has life returned to the Star City that a new wave of violence seems to be unfolding, starting right here.

Club goers in the area tell me that a young man, apparently an off-duty Justice Tribunal member, was targeted by a false Uber driver in a horrific car bombing. The persons responsible have yet to come forward and first responders were inexplicably called off the scene by Thundergirl and the Justice Tribunals. So far as of now, police have been unable to canvas the area or search for suspects. Now, Jim, we arrived to a scene involving the two Tribunals and an angry mob armed with pipes, knives, bats and other weapons but to this point it doesn't seem that any of the members of the street mob were metahuman themselves."

"Tandy we received reports that some of the mob were more heavily armed and wearing what some said were Powergirl masks?"

"That's right, Jim. Now we were expecting the area to get cordoned off or blacked out for media but that never happened. We can confirm that some of the attackers were in fact dressed in green and purple colored uniforms with high tech weaponry and were all wearing Powergirl Halloween masks, the reason for which we can't confirm. Was this a Halloween stunt, a call for Superhuman Registration or a follow up to the rumored bounty for the injury or killing of any Justice Tribunal or affiliated hero? As of right now, all we have are questions but the incident seems to be over and first responders are finally being let onto the scene. Jim?"

"Okay, Tandy. As you said, plenty of questions but no one yet has claimed responsibility for this act of terror occurring right in the heart of Seattle's nighttime entertainment district. More information as it becomes available."

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