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Interview with Thundergirl

New York City, home of all things big apple and home station for the American News Network and it's most famous morning news show 'Good A.M. USA.' As the crew of the syndicated television show sat around their table desk, the scene was bright and showed a cheering excited crowd outside of the studio. Once the introduction to the show finished a older man with dark hair and a suit smiled at the camera and spoke. "Hello, America. and welcome to Good A.M. USA. This morning we have a very special guest on the show. She's become well known all over the world as one of the newest Super powered Heroes and was even recently featured on Fitness USA magazine latest issue, Ladies and Gentlemen the Second in command of the Justice Tribunals. Thundergirl."

As the man finished speaking the crowds outside looked up as one of the anchorwomen stood outside with a Microphone and Thundergirl swooped down and landed calmly next to her. "Hi, Sylvia. Hi America, thanks for having me." With people standing all around her and Sylvia the Anchorwoman, Thundergirl looked around and waved to the crowd before Sylvia started to speak. "Thundergirl, it's truly an honor to have an actual Kryptonian on the show today. I hope you don't mind but we decided it would be great to have this interview outside, where you could answer questions and hopefully give America some display of just a touch of you and your fellow superheroes capabilities. But before that, America really wants to know. What is going on with all of the attacks from criminals against people associated with the Justice Tribunals? Why is it that these people are coming after your team, and what exactly is the rumors of a bounty out on you?"

Hearing the question Thundergirl smiled and slipped her fingers through the side of her hair, pulling the strands behind her ear as she spoke. "Well firstly thank you for having me, again. It's always great when I get to step aside and show the world a moment where I'm not just some pretty face with a cape. As for the question you asked I'm not really sure what the whole issue is with these thugs. but I'm going to assure you all, unless these thugs figure out a way to stop myself Powergirl, and all of the might of the Justice Tribunals.. they will definitely never get rid of us. As for the rumor.. If it's real, I feel sorry for the geniuses that are going to try going after it. I mean seriously, who in the world aside from Lexcorp, Wayne Enterprises, or some side sort of commercial powerhouse has the cash to toss around like that? Whats sad are these people attacking my team and those who know my team are insanely dumb. I mean who do you think you're beating? Bad people? Ladies and Gentlemen of America.. You're looking at a Hero.. I help people everyday. I've stopped buildings from burning down when the Fire departments were unable to quell the blaze. I've stopped extremely dangerous high speed police chases. I've even carried rogue Nuclear devices up into space and sacrificed my self to keep the blast from hurting any innocent people. Seriously, I nor any of my team are even remotely connected to activities of Criminal nature."

When Thundergirl finished speaking she smiled to the camera and added to the statement. "Oh and by the way, if you want to try me like you criminals did last night in Seattle. Let me remind you just what you're messing with. I am Kryptonian, I am of the Justice Tribunal, and even if you think you have a way to take me down. You better make it good. Because I won't just lay down and neither will my team. End of story." When she finished speaking, Thundergirl turned back toward Sylvia and replied. "Okay, lets get off this subject, what did you want me to do?"

Hearing the request to change the subject Sylvia looked over to the cheering crowd and replied. "Great idea! Hey how about we try this? In our sister station in California one of my anchorwomen is holding a picture of JT Tower, it's signed by one of our Anchors. We will give you 20 seconds to go, take a selfie with my anchorwoman, and come back with the JT tower picture. Are you up to the challenge?"

When the Anchorwoman finished speaking she turned to the crowd and got them all to cheer as Thundergirl shrugged and nodded with a smile. "20 seconds? I am pretty sure I can make that with time to spare.. In fact I'll do one better, I'll make it a race. I hope you don't mind but I brought a friend with me today. You might know her as well. Cometgirl come down here and say hello!" In that moment a second boom of pressure rocked the city and Cometgirl shot down to land calmly next to Thundergirl. "Hello, woman that's not really made out of an anchor. I'm Cometgirl, I am a Kryptonian as well." Smiling Cometgirl hovered up and shook Sylvia's hand before looking over the crowd and saying. "Wow, lots of humans around. and some Metahumans too, that's pretty awesome. So If I get back first, which I totally will because Thundergirl is slow.. What do I get?"

When Cometgirl finished speaking she looked at the camera and said. "Hi Zhao! you were right, New york is totally not as new as the name makes it sound.. and I haven't seen a big apple yet." Which made everyone around her laugh some before Sylvia shook her head and replied. "Okay, lets get ready. Thundergirl, Cometgirl, line up over behind that line right there when I blow the whistle you go. Okay?"

Nodding both Kryptonians got ready and right before the whistle was blown, Thundergirl looked back and mockingly gasped out. "The Big Apple! Cometgirl look!" Which Cometgirl definitely looked as the whistle blew. This only gave Thundergirl a two second head start as she shot off into the distance and Cometgirl looked around before saying. "Hey! cheater!" and shot off with enough force that the crowd and Sylvia was knocked over. The race didn't take long at all as 15.38 seconds after it started Cometgirl landed and started to dance about. four seconds after Cometgirl landed, Thundergirl landed and laughed. "Okay okay you really are faster than me, Cometgirl. I give you that."

Sylvia then collected the picture and even showed Cometgirl's photos from her cellphone where on the way she stopped and or slowed down a few times to show Thundergirl behind her. There was even several pictures with the anchorwoman in California for proof. Which Sylvia cheered and replied. "Well there you have it America! Cometgirl and Thundergirl, ready to fight crime and prove they are among the fastest living creatures on the entire planet. Back to you Randy."

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