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Jack Knight, former Starman, in critical contidion! Breaking Story!

“This is Nancy Malone with Metropolis 12 News and we’re live at the Metropolis State Fair where an intense fire fight has broken out between retired Justice Society of America Member Jack Knight, who many may know as Star Man! He was here with his family when a group of villains known as the Terror Squad, unknown meta human villains, attacked him. Currently he and several civilians are pinned down, along with your news anchor Nancy Malone…”

“The building is currently shaking as this “Terror Squad” has been lobbing fire balls and lightning at it nonstop, as well as riddling it with bullets. We know the Science Police is on the way, but the villains say they will destroy this building is he doesn’t go out.. Wait.. WAIT we see he Jack is stepping out…”

The camera zooms in as the group circles the man around. The camera picks up…

“Yeah that million dollars is ours now!”

“OH my god, they are beating him! They are beating him!” suddenly, a sonic boom is heard and a white figure lands, immediately grabbing one of the “Terror Squad and tossing him several hundred feet into the air and into the ocean.

“That’s Angel! That is Angel from Hero Watch!” several bullets bounced off Galatea as she walked forward, breaking the gun and wrapping it around his hands. Fire flew towards her and she grunted from the magic blast, turning around with her eyes blazing red and burning a hole through the fire starter’s shoulder and leg, causing her to cry out in pain.

She then looked down at Jack, who was unconscious and was knocked down as a blast of electricity hit her in the back. She was now surrounded by two men, both hurling lighting at her as she was on her hands and knees.

“Wow, this lightning has her on the ropes folks.. I’ve not seen this before…”

Suddenly she fired heat vision, cutting one man’s leg off then stood up and walked towards another, grabbing her by her neck, throwing her so hard she slammed into a car, sending the car over end over end and the woman breaking most bones in her body.

Angel went back to Jack and frowned deeply seeing the man was bloody and beaten.

“Angel! Angel! A Word please! A word! Why did you show up? Do you think this has something to do with the recent so called “bounty” on Justice Society?” Angel frowned, looking at Nancy.

“I happened to be flying back home when I heard this nonsense going on.. I don’t know of any bounty other than all heroes need to be vigilent and ensure they have back up, and follow the laws. I DO know recently the criminal element all over the country is emboldened... But regarding this bounty, me and Powergirl are going to have a chat about her mess showing up on my doorstep.”

Angel then flew off.

“So there you have it, another victim of the Justice Society of America Bounty? Just who is the mysterious figure who put these bounties out on the members of the Justice Society, and by extension our own favorite Superhero task force of Metropolis, Justice Tribunal? We’ll keep you updated on all breaking events. I’m Nancy Malone signing off from this breaking situation.”

Science Police arrive and would take Jack away now, as well as treat the wounded villains and any others hurt.

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