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The News Heard Around the World


We interrupt this broadcast to bring you breaking news with Amy Fiore and Bill Carson.

“Good evening, I’m Bill Carson.”

“And I’m Amy Fiore. Today Metropolis was attacked by an abomination of a creature which caused extensive destruction to the city. Many civilians were killed in the beast’s rampage. Were it not for three brave Superpowers, who knows what the extent of the damage and the death toll might have been.”

“Thank you Amy, in related news a large explosion in Gotham decimated several city blocks today. Witnesses said the explosion appeared as a bubble of smoky green energy that tore through buildings, leveling everything in its path. Officials are still unsure what caused the explosion, however, a badly burned and damaged corpse was found at what has been unanimously agreed was ground zero for the blast. Homeland Security has ruled out a terrorist attack in favor of it being called a Metahuman battle.”

“In further news, Seattle has been in chaos recently due to…”

The broadcast is cut off and the screen turns to flashing static. What appears to be a female eye flashes in the static several times before the screen goes completely black. A few seconds later a shadowed woman’s face appears and begins to speak. Her voice is digitized as she speaks. The broadcast is seen around the world and is in every language.

“Good evening. I have commandeered all broadcasts this evening to discuss a serious situation. The so called superpowers are destroying our cities. They are killing and maiming humans and the governments of the world do nothing about it.” She says. Though the voice is digitized the tone remains level and even. Only her lips move as she speaks and her eyes remain shadowed by the hood she wears. “These superpowers must be held accountable for their actions. This is our world. It does not belong to the aliens and metahumans.” She continues. “How many of us have lost a loved one to these creatures? How many more of us must suffer before something is done? Those with superpowers must be regulated. Therefore, I am calling for the governments of the world to unite under one cause. The Superpower Registration Act. All superpowers should be registered, their powers recorded and they should be tagged so they can be tracked at all times. A taskforce should be put into place to monitor these superpowers.” I am calling for the people of this world to unite and push each of your governments to put these precautions into place.” She stops for a moment then continues. “I urge you all to help save ourselves from these creatures. Denounce these superpowers, they do not deserve the autonomy they have to destroy and kill. Call for your local superpowers to be forced out of your city or put under lock and key. Save our future, our human future.” The broadcast ends and the screen goes black for a few seconds until it returns to the news broadcast from earlier.

“Are we on?” Bill Carson asks the crew before it is confirmed. “We apologize for that interruption.”

“We here at News Twelve are in no way affiliated with that interruption.” Amy goes on to say.

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