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Supposed Justice Tribunal affiliate in hospital in critical condition"

Standing outside of Tribunal Towers in Metropolis. The news Report goes live.

Breaking news! Live from Seattle I'm Erin Mckinze here to report about a heinous attack on a young hero who claimed to know several members of the Justice Tribunal. This young hero, known only as “Hyperforce”, is in critical condition as a group of thugs seemingly came out of nowhere during a rescue this young hero was participating in. They avoided all other first responders and focused solely on him, breaking 4 ribs, both legs and fracturing his skull in three places. He is currently in a medical induced coma, and doctors do not know if he will recover thanks to the swelling in his brain.”

“We also have word that several other heroes have encountered fierce resistance from criminals, far more than before. No one is sure what is the cause of this recent uptick in violence, but one thing is sure, if you're a hero, It's best to be on your absolute best, as these criminals are not playing around. I'm Erin Mckinze for KCTV Metropolis 6 news, signing off.”
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Re: Supposed Justice Tribunal affiliate in hospital in critical condition"

All the television services are interrupted and in the static, they can see a figure appear. Then as it clears, they can see... breasts? Then the camera moves up to see it is Power Girl. She sighs softly.

"I know that there is a lot of speculation about what is going on with JT and the JSA. I am here to tell you that no matter what the criminals think they are being paid, it is not enough. When you mess with anyone affiliated with the Justice Tribunal, you are messing with me. You mess with me, and you are also messing with her." A smaller figure steps up, and it is Supergirl. Her small symbol of El is focused on first, and then her face next.

Supergirl smirked, "And if I am under the gun, so is the entire JLA, including my cousin. So criminals, do you really think a few million dollars is enough to deal with us?" She picks up a steel beam and bends it into a bow, then drops it. The sound of the one ton steel beam, echoes as it dents the concrete floors.

Then the camera goes back to Power Girl's.... breasts. She sighed, and then pointed to her eyes. There is a small pause and it is back in focus on her face. "As I said, and as Supergirl said. Criminals... you are on notice. The Justice Society and Justice Tribunal are not going to stand for this. Leave this as it is, and walk away. You were warned."

Then the camera gets fuzzy and Supergirl adds a comment, "We now bring you back to whatever show you were watching, already in progress. Bet you wish you had Tivo?"

Then the TV is back to normal.

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