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Preview for Alliances Part 2!

Emily finally has it ready. She lost count of how long it took. Days? Weeks? Either way, it’s finally ready. Disgustingly enough, she had to hide it behind her own feces, to prevent the guards from seeing it. But it worked. Emily successfully made the summoning spell. She managed to draw the symbols with small pebbles on the concrete, and she presses her hand against it. Muttering an incantation, a white mist begins to spew from the symbols, engulfing the cell for a brief moment, and Raiti appears before Emily. He was completely ethereal, glowing blue. His hair was combed backward, and he was wearing some kind of suit that looks like it didn’t come from Earth.
“How on Earth…?” Raiti says, looking around. “You’re one of the prisoners here!” Raiti floats over, through the bars, to Christopher’s body, which had calmed down for the time being. “I’ve been trying to wake him for quite some time now, but I can’t seem to get into his thick skull. How did you even know to summon me, demon?”

“I-I… In the illusion we were trapped in, I met you… and Chris.” Emily replies shakily.
“I assure you, that was not me. Some projection created by our captors, no doubt.”
“W-Well…. Christopher mentioned you. And I thought, since no one can see you unless you’re specifically summoned, you weren’t caught in the illusion.”
“Right. I suppose you demons aren’t all idiots. I was unaffected by the illusion magic. And you, obviously, managed to break free yourself. Rakashi heritage, no doubt.”

“Y-Yeah! I was going to ask- “
“You were going to ask if I could help you, Christopher, and the others escape. I think you can assume what my answer will be, demon. It is yes. I can help you. Your idiotic captors did not put a magical dampener in here. I cannot perform regular magic, but you can. You simply need to learn.” Raiti floats back over to Emily, floating over her. “What you need, demon, is a push. Put out your hand.”

Emily does so, shaking. Could she finally escape?
“Now listen, Demon.” Raiti tells her. “Nothing is impossible. Especially escaping these archaic cells they have you in. That is the easy part. You can transform your body, you are simply too weak-willed to do so at the moment. Let go of your anxiety, Demon. Concentrate on a small animal that can fit through these bars. And go through it.”

Emily closes her eyes. He’s right… she has shapeshifted before, but it’s always been so difficult for her. But right now, she needed to be a bee. To buzz through the bars, and get to Christopher. He needed her. She can let him down… then Emily feels a strange sensation. Wings growing on her back. Shrinking. When she opens her eyes again, she did it! She turned into a bee! She buzzes through the bars, and concentrating hard, adrenaline coursing through her, she turns back into her “human” form.

“Now, you must enter his illusion, and force him out. Or ask him politely. Either way, get the damned cowboy out of his dream.” Raiti orders Emily.

Emily nods, and she puts her hand to his forehead. She closes her eyes, forcing herself to enter his mind… and when she opens them, she’s no longer in the cell.

She was on a farm, late at night. Wheat surrounded her, but she could make out a house in the distance. That must be where Chris is! Emily begins to run towards it, until she remembers something. This is an illusion. Nothing is real. Not even distance. She steps one foot forward, and suddenly, she’s at the front door. She opens it, and sees a horror story. Inside was a massacre. Two kids have been beheaded, their heads behind them. A woman, presumably the mother, was nailed to the roof, her blood trickling down on the ground. But Emily can see something strange… their appearances. The kids have Christopher’s sky blue eyes, and the mother has his sandy-blonde hair. His family. Murdered. This was some kind of psychological torture, probably by that woman who has them all captured. But where’s Christopher?
Emily goes past the massacre, and into another room. It contained nothing but a small trapdoor on the floor. Entrance to a cellar? Emily opens it, and a ladder falls. She steps down, going into the cellar, and finds Christopher. He was completely and totally naked, but covered in blood. He seems to be crying as he stabs someone. An old man… HIS old man. His father. Then it hits Emily, her blood going cold. Christopher killed his own family.

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