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Re: RP Events Timeline

Intelligence gathered on Operation Red Sky:20161118, Follow Up

The Guardsman strikes the center of the hostile zone, opening fire at the rebel targets. Sherman moves in and attacks with the rest of the regular Operators, taking out several targets on his own. Ava and Raven continues to secure the cargo shipment and waited for a possible counter attack.

Ruby Ibis arrives from the docks, eliminating a hostile rebel and throws the body into the water.

A plan was thrown together quickly: to destroy the SUVs to prevent the escape of "Farram", eliminate or capture him, and destroy any heavy weaponry that may stop the extraction.

Ava is able to destroy the vehicles with her specialized weapon. While still in the water, Ruby plants explosives on the docks and detonates it to destroy a weapon placement. Alexander comes to pick up the cargo shipment, but spots a rebel mechanized infantry element incoming. From there, he calls in Close Air Support and exfiltration from Nighthawk-Gold.

Sherman clears the perimeter with the rest of the operators. Spotting Farram, Ava fires a Hellfire stun missile at him, taking him down. Alexander takes the shipment to the village and Sherman picks up "Farram", while everyone else covers him. Ruby throws more explosives at the docks. The Guardsman takes "Farram" and devastates the mechanized unit, allowing the rest of the team to fall back to the village for extraction.

Once the transportation jet has arrived ("Cobalt-One"), it managed to pick up the cargo container via a magnetized sling system, and let down a ladder for the extraction.

As government forces begin to show up during the extraction, the Guardsman fires up a lightning storm to cover the retreat, not intending to kill any government forces. Immediately after, the transport jet leaves the hot zone.

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