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Johnny Geiger

Radioactive Human


Chronological Age:

Planet of Origin:

Ex-cleaning crew. Hitman



Known Relatives:
None is known.

Thanks to the radiation he was poisoned with, his skin is a sickly pinkish grey, with dark spots in certain areas. His dry skin as given away to abrasions that cover much of his body, but are most obvious on his face and hands, as these are the most exposed. His hair is almost complete gone, and his eyes are black as coal, also a side effect of the radiation. He is dressed in a pirate costume, complete with a tri-corn hat and black leather boots. His knee length coat is dark blue and covers a white, puffy, silk shirt. His black cotton pants are held up with a red sash.

As if his appearance wasn't bad enough, his voice has gone gruff from radiation burns and sounds like he has smoked 10 packs of cigarettes a day for the past 50 years.

Johnny is a smart ass, through and through. He has a silver tongue and is more likely to shoot a sarcastic jab at you than a bullet from his shot gun. He doesn't consider himself a villain, though he has no problem wiping someone out that needs it. When people need hurting, he hurts 'em.

Weapons: His trusty rapid fire shotgun, which he always has on his back. Two pistols are holstered under his coat. And a knife is found in his left boot. An assortment of flash bangs and grenades can be found in his pockets most of the time. And he always has his lighter, if things are very desperate.

Johnny worked in a lab as the Friday cleanup crew. The lab was experimenting with nuclear reactors and volatile chemicals to create an everlasting energy source and Johnny was well aware of it. But the egg heads seemed to know what they were doing, he thought. Until the reactor went haywire and blew up one night while he and his cleaning mate were about to leave for the week.

When Johnny came to, the general who was in charge of the lab blamed him for the exploded reactor and tried to make John into a scapegoat. When Johnny refused to claim responsibility, even under days of torture, the general ordered to have him killed. Using this as his chance, Johnny escaped from the lab and got out. With the help of some new friends, he was able to find and kill the general, but not before his new found allies were killed by his target.

Before leaving the general's bunker, he burned it to the ground, destroying all of the evidence that he ever existed, or the evils that the government had done. He decided to take the fight directly to them by upsetting order and making them pay for everything.
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