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Name- Devan Lochees
Age- 14
Gender- Male
Height- 5' 7"
Weight- About 145 lbs.

Physical Description- Always wearing a hood that leaves most of his face draped in shadow, allowing his bright yellow eyes to shine out from underneath it. He constantly wears the color black, and highlights it with a dark green. He has a pentagram engraved into his chest that glows the same color his eyes do, and can often be seen shining through clothing. He has a lanky body like most teenagers, though it is complimented by a solid amount of muscle growth.


Sorcery- He can conjure force fields and other spiritual manifestations from thin air, though he does have a limit as to how much he can use this ability the limit is getting pushed farther and farther from training.

Levitation- He can levitate himself easily, often times doing so without even realizing it. His control over levitating other objects is currently weak at best.

Healing- He can use his spirit to remedy some ailments, though regularly nothing as serious as losing a limb or organ failure. He has restored a lost finger though, so progress is being made.

Weapons- He uses a bow alongside conjured arrows. The fact that he conjures his arrows makes them stronger than normal, but also means he has an indefinite supply of them.

(History Coming Soon.)
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