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The Savage Void

Name: Savage Void
Race: Cybernetic Enhanced Bio-Engineered
Power Type: Rage
Favored Weapons: Fists/Strength
Age: 3 Weeks
Gender: Male
Height: 12’8”
Weight: 1,547 Lbs.

Powers –
Savage Void is a rage creature. His physical attributes increase as his anger increases. His normal strength is about the same as Lobo. There is no current information on what level of strength he can attain. His cybernetic enhanced bio-engineered body can withstand a substantial amount of damage from super powered beings. His defense increases with his strength as his rage grows. Savage Void has no special defenses against magic or mental attacks. His body is immune to poison and toxins and he does not require oxygen to survive. He cannot fly, however, he can leap great distances. His body is full of Nano byte technology that is constantly repairing damage he takes. The more extreme the damage the longer it will take to be repaired. This could be weeks or months depending on the severity of the damage inflicted.

History –
After failing to defeat the super powered beings of Earth, Braniac decided to create a creature he could use to dispatch these would be heroes and villains. He experimented with Kryptonian DNA along with human and even animal DNA. A fully biological being would not suit his needs and would be too difficult to control. It was decided that cybernetic enhancements would be added to the creature to increase its effectiveness in the field as well as the level of control Braniac has over the creature.

During the first encounter Savage Void had with Superman, the link to Braniac was severed and the creature went on a mindless rampage of destruction. Many people were killed and much of Metropolis suffered destruction at the hands of the mindless beast. With the link severed the Nano bytes repaired the cranial damage and gave the beast an intelligence and independence from Braniac.

With the loss of control of his creation, Braniac sent forces to Earth to try and capture the beast and bring it home. They failed and the creature disappeared into the mountains outside of Metropolis. The beast has not been seen since, until now.


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