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Metahuman Battle leaves Gotham U in ruins!


The red-headed Vicki Vale appeared on the screen, holding a mic up to her mouth, piles of rubble and debris behind her. "Vicki Vale here, reporting for Gotham NOW! News. Behind me are just some of the examples of devastation left behind at Gotham University after Powergirl threw down several nights ago with villainess the Indigo Shrike. Citizens may remember the night in question as a literal tornado touched down in the city along with a number of lightning strikes in the city."

The picture would shift to show a cellphone video of the blonde-headed streak of Powergirl diving into a tornado, in the middle of the university courtyard, to try and reverse it. The audio was nothing but static with the roar of the wind.

The image would shift back to Vale, frowning grimly now. "In addition there were at least two to three more unknown players in this battle but the end result is the same. Twenty-two citizens are now dead, dozens more injured, and hundred of millions of dollars worth of property damage. And worse--" Here the image shifted again, this time a more professional camera shot, looking out over the harbor, a cyclone of wind supporting up a tidal wave and an entire fishing trawler.

 In the center of it was an indigo and silver colored figure, and several figures floating around her. Powergirl was shown coming into shot, only to have to chase both the trawler and the then the tidal wave as they were flung at the city, one of the figures falling into the icy harbor waters, limp and dead.

Vale's voice came in, overlayed over the video, "How can the citizens of Gotham ever feel safe, when meta-humans are using it's unpowered members as chips to manipulate our heroes? Is there any hope for this fine city, or are we doomed to watch as heroes like Powergirl fall short while we learn to resign ourselves to counting the dead?"

"This is Vicki Vale, and this has been Gotham NOW! News."

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