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Psycho Crush (Mercenary)

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Name: Kellis Savant
Age: 20
Height: 5’0
Weight: 105
Nationality: Chinese/American/Psionist
Ability: Psycho-Kinetic

Description of abilities: At its most basic nature, a psychic, or person with psycho-kinetic abilities, can influence physical systems with non-physical means. I.E. Can levitate a car with psionic energy aka mental energy, can manipulate things like light, fire, water, just about any physical object with a thought. This differs from telekinetics mostly in how it is generated and the range and specifics of said ability. It also allows her to attempt to read minds, rather surface level or deep dives. She cannot “control” a sentient being, but she can drop suggestions into their mind (RPed as whispers, and always an attempt).

The closest analogy to her would be something akin to a jedi or Sith.

Her “psycho power” as she calls it, manifests as a purple and black energy glow, which engulfs her body or shines through her eyes.

Second Sight- Using her psychic power, she can “see” a person’s true self, unless it is using a powerful form of illusion magic or psionic ability. It allows her to dispel them as well, depending on how powerful they are.

Weakness- Her physical body, sans her psycho kinetic abilities, is a normal human body, meaning it can be damaged as easily as a normal human’s body. Although she can use her powers to rapidly heal her body, she can still be rendered unconscious. Her mental powers also leave her distracted at times as she has to actively block out thoughts of others, never allowing her to get to her full, true potential without great personal cost.

Armor: Envirosuit- Created by Japanese Company Matsudo Industries- the Enviro-suit is a all black poly carbon suit which uses nano-technology to regulate the environment, keeping her body temperature regulated in extreme cold or extreme heat. It allows her to not have to use her powers to protect herself from the extreme cold of the artic or the intense heat of a volcano. It also serves as a regulator for her powers, allowing some measure of “control”, and preventing her from reaching a point of “unrestrained usage”, (100%) which would result in catastrophic damage to her person and then environment. The poly carbon suit can also stop a direct knife stab, but a high caliber bullet can penetrate it.

Plasma sword- A specially created energy sword which functions like a light saber. It works by using concentrated plasma which is stored in a specialized crystal in its base and then projecting said plasma upwards. It is extremely dangerous, and requires the use of her power to keep said blade in tact.

(Bio to come)

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