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Sylux's New Mission (Sylux Flashback)


The noise was made as the humanoid was dropped onto the metal floor, his clothing in tatters with his face bruised. Standing above him was the nearly eight foot bounty hunter known as Sylux. "I have brought the next enhanced as you asked." The hunter said to his employer, who was sitting on what appeared to be a tech throne that glowed with bright neon lights, and had several buttons on its arm rests.

The humanoid that was brought in quickly turned around, and his eyes and body glowed a bright rainbow colored aura before he channeled the energy and prepared to fire it at the employer. However, he would be unable to as he was suddenly hit by an ice blast and frozen into place. Behind Sylux, another hunter entered, the one known as Rundas. Rundas was a little shorter than Sylux, but still retained an imposing figure. He lowered his arm, which had generated a beam of ice that had frozen the humanoid solid.

"He needed to cool off." Rundas remarked. "Oh please!" Another Hunter known as Spire would yell out, as he entered with his own body, which was beaten to death. "I had much more fun with this one! He put up quite a fight!" He said, proudly, as he tossed the lifeless body onto the ground. Sylux turned towards Spire. "You complete imbecile, the mission was to bring them alive, not dead!" He growled.

Spire shrugged. "Oops!" He smirked. "Guess I didn't get the memo! Maybe our "fearless leader" should've been more clearer on how to DO THE F**KING JOB!" He yelled. Sylux grabbed Spire by the head and slammed him against the wall. "If it was up to me, I would have my omega cannon disintegrate you where you STAND!" He roared at the diamont.

Then a booming mechanical voice could be heard. "ENOUGH." the voice said. It was the voice of their employer. Sylux would let go of Spire, and Spire would get up and laugh before brushing himself off. "Well, I think we all know who screwed up here!" He laughed, before he was suddenly knocked back into the wall by a powerful force of energy. It was from his employer, who was holding a staff towards the diamont hunter. "Sylux is correct." He said. "Your mission was to bring them back alive, as they serve a purpose in our plans."

The employer then lowered the staff, and placed it back up straight as he tapped his fingers on the arm rest. "Noxus, can the enhanced be revived?" Then, Noxus would enter. Noxus was the medic of the group, and was wielding a weapon that could also jump start hearts. Noxus walked over to the dead body, and analyzed him before looking up. "I have 30 seconds to jump start his heart before he is lost." He said.

The employer nodded his head, and Noxus would power up his weapon before sending a powerful electrical current through the body, and jump starting it back to life. The enhanced person would look around, and then begin changing his form into a large monster, and begin roaring. However, he was grabbed by his tail and swung into a wall by another Hunter known as Kanden. Kanden was the tallest of all the hunters, and possibly the strongest and most durable of them. However, he only knew how to destroy. Kanden would knock out the enhanced monster, and he would return back to his normal state with his body dangling by his leg, which was being held by Kanden.

Sylux turned towards Kanden, and nodded. "Place the restraining collar on him." Kanden nodded, and placed a collar on the enhanced being's neck, restraining his powers as he was unconscious. The employer would turn towards Spire, who was rubbing his head after getting blasted. "Disobey your mission again, and a loss of payment will not be the worst of your problems." He told the diamont. Spire grunted. "Fine."

Then another humanoid was dropped down from the ceiling, with scrapes along his torso. He was still alive, barely. The employer looked towards the ceiling. "Trace." He would say, before a spider-like creature would land on the ground next to the scraped humanoid. "He is still alive, as you requested. Alive enough, anyways." Spire then grunted. "Hold up, how come he gets to almost kill this guy and I get crap for doing what I did?" Sylux growled at Spire. "Perhaps if you didn't stop his heart, you wouldn't be in your current predicament."

"You two should back off of each other." Said another voice. Arriving in the room was the last hunter, Weavel, who was on his wrist computer. "I have done the necessary calculations to figure out where the next site of the obelisk enhancements is." The employer tapped his fingers. "Speak." Weavel would turn to the employer. "The planet known as Earth. Several enhanced have already been made. However, not all of the enhanced beings were enhanced by the obelisk." He then pulled up a monitor, showing several heroes that had already shown up on Earth. The employer slowly tightened his grip as he watched the footage shown. "Sylux. Go to Earth. Acquire these enhanced individuals, but only those enhanced by the obelisk. If any of these other beings stand in your way, eliminate them." The employer ordered.

Spire then stepped up. "Hold up, why is he the one that gets to go?" The employer then stood from his throne. "You DARE question me?" He boomed, before he raised his staff. The staff glowed, and Spire was raised into the air by an unknown force and sent into the ceiling before being slammed into the ground. The other hunters watched as Spire weakly got up. The employer sat back down on his throne. "The rest of you will continue looking across the universe for any other enhanced. That is final." He said. The hunters nodded, and began to leave.

That was months ago. Now Sylux was in a new universe, and had to make a new life in it until he could find a way to return. No doubt Spire would try to take leadership over the other hunters, but Sylux knew that Spire was too incompetent to be considered a leader. He thought back on the power that his employer had, and how it had a resemblance to whatever carried him to this new universe. After three hours of contemplating, Sylux came to a conclusion of why he was here. "Grodus." He growled, angrily.


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Re: Sylux's New Mission (Sylux Flashback)

Strongly enjoyable!!
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