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Nox Zar

Name: Nox
Family Name: Zar
Race: Kryptonian
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Known Associates: General Dru-Zod

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Powers –
Typical Kryptonian Powers: Like many other Kryptonians, Zar gained a variety of powers when he came to Earth. He has heat vision, cold breath, super speed, X-Ray vision, high resistance to damage and super strength which are all related to Earthbound Kryptonians. His powers are on par with other Kryptonians, though he is not as physically powerful as Superman or General Zod. This said, he also has all of the same weaknesses that other Kryptonians have as well.

Kryptonian Magic: Unlike his Kryptonian brethren, Nox Zar is heavily into the banished ancient arts of Kryptonian Magic. Nox Zar’s magic is flexible allowing him to perform many feats including magical attacks, defenses and support. He is quite familiar with Kryptonian Magic, however, he does not see how the magic has been slowly taking control of his mind.

History –
Eons ago there was magic on Krypton, however, the power that was wielded corrupted the user over time. The wielder would eventually succumb to the magic itself and become a slave to the magic. It was universally decided that magic would cease to be used by Kryptonians and nearly all of the knowledge was destroyed or lost.

Several years before the destruction of Krypton, Nox, as ordered by General Zod, found the last remaining knowledge of Kryptonian magic. Before he could return this knowledge to General Zod, Nox was captured by Kryptonian loyalists. In a last ditch effort, Nox absorbed the ancient rights into himself to keep them safe. He had no idea how drastically this would change him.

Ultimately Nox was banished to the Phantom Zone by Jor-El. There he sat, waiting and learning the ways of his new found powers. There he remained trapped until recently. With the use of his magic he was able to disrupt the barrier between the Phantom Zone and Earth for barely a few seconds, but it was long enough. Now as he acclimates himself to this new planet, he searches for others of his race to find out exactly where they stand.


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