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Hrane, former Soviet Agent

Villain Name: Hrane Dyre
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Tall, broad, muscular

Weapon of Choice: Sword for close quarters, rifles to defeat enemies from a distance.
Powers: Camouflage, enhanced strength.
Movement Type: Acrobatic

Hailing from a Norwegian family that moved to Moscow, Hrane was born as a Russian citizen, and spent the majority of his childhood on the streets as a vandal and ruffian, however he did in-fact idolize the Russian forces, their exploits in Chechnya, the troubles they found themselves in. The fear that Russia offers the world.

Although his parents pushed Hrane toward more schooling, desiring him to be a doctor, Hrane had no such desire personally, and joined the Russian military. Eager to impress his superiors, he excelled in hand to hand combat, scouting, and even showed great promise as a soldier.

He served for several years in the Middle East, fighting insurgents, rooting out terrorist supply caches, and upon the deaths on his commander, he himself terrorized them, torturing those he's captured, and leaving them for dead in the streets.

His ferocity, and cruel nature earned him both praise, and hate. Many activists and journalists that knew of him demanded her be tried as a war criminal, yet fate had more in store for him. He was instead sent to Chechnya, and led his own Regiment of men, and employed his terror tactics on the Freedom Fighters. Ambushing, crushing morale, and critical and swift assaults earned him several victories against the Freedom Fighters.

His success as both a soldier, and a Commander granted him the chance to join the world renowned KGB. He continued to operate successfully in Chechnya, until called to lead a small expedition into Chernobyl. He, and several dozen others marched their way into the center of the irradiated disaster.

The expedition was doomed, however. And one by one the members of the party perished by questionable means. Some were choked, committed suicide by putting their pistols in their mouths. Others marched into rivers and allowed themselves to drown. Hrane however emerged once [sign in to see URL] very much different.

His strength was far greater than the average mans, and his skin reacts oddly upon surfaces he touches. Were he to rest his hand upon the trunk of a tree, his skin would take the color of it. A fact which quickly made the KGB want to run tests on him, but Hrane, although loyal to the death, never would submit to such tests. He was allowed however to return to Chechnya, and offer tactical support to Russian forces as he started to more greatly understand his strengths, and weakness'. His new powers realized, and now greater skill with hand to hand combat. His skill with the rifle was even further realized as well.

However when the KGB was dissolved, and other agencies replaced it, Hrane took several resources of the KGB, and decided his skills would be put to better use elsewhere. Although loyal to the KGB, and Russia, Hrane did not wish to climb the ranks once again.

So, he finds himself in Gotham.
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