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Dear Diary (on going)

September 28th

The other day I had wanted to spend a day focusing on work, and maybe get some fresh air, but that was not meant to be. You would think I'd come to grips with the fact that Metropolis is an incredibly unsafe place despite the heroes that call it home. Maybe the heroes make it unsafe? Are we in fact the problem? As we rise up to make the world safe we can't help but create evil in our wake? Is it some kind of balance that the world is trying to maintain?

Odd that I would think about that as I tell this story, because it seems connected. So there I was at Union Station having just gotten back from picking up some supplies and preparing to head home when I'd heard strange singing. This led me to witness something truly horrific. Levana, who I'm still uncertain what she is or what her role in things is, was there, and she sort of vomited up this evil creature. It came out of her chest not mouth, but the effect was the same. It was gross, and unpleasant. Thankfully there were a bunch of heroes in the area. I didn't catch any of their names, as often seems to be the case of 'heroing' within the city limits.

I wonder though, are we the cause of the pain we seek to stop? Would there be a Joker if Batman hadn't taken up his cowl? Is my hero life not the duty to help others I think it is, and actually a danger to the world?

Not too long ago I witnessed members of Lexcorps take away a kid for registration. I had urged against it, feeling that the rights of people to live free and suffer the consequences of their mistakes was a necessity. I was outraged when Levana had let them take the kid. His life now would forever be marked by what he could do, and not who he was. But is that then for the best? Did Lexcorps just prevent a possible future super-villain that I might have allowed to roam free?

What if in the end, I'm not a hero after all?
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