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The Beginning of the End. The Fall of the Galactic Senate (Xera RP)

(A few friends of mine wanted me to expand on Xera's backstory, where she's from etc.)

100 earth years ago....

The Galatic Senate-

In the far reaches of the galaxy, several parsecs from the main galactic trade hub lies the Galatic Senate. It is composed of 10000 worlds spanning 4000 light years, its heart, the city world of Crag'Matuk, a literal city floating in space the size of a small planet, it it home to 100 billion residents. Crag Matuk hosts the main senate room, where representatives of those 1000 worlds meet to discuss everything from trade disputes to conflicts and to request aide.

Over the last few years, an unknown enemy has warped from unknown space to attack worlds and vanish, leaving them barren of life, stripped of all resources and atmosphere. Like locusts, this unknown alien force overwhelms a systems defenses and leaves them defenseless and desolate.

Today the Senate is meeting to discuss plans to combat this menance as for the first time, one of the alien ships has been captured and their base of operations discovered. There is a vote taking place on how to proceed. The general of the Galactic Marines has appeared, with his sub commander- Lyra Tisani.

“Please, we will have order in the halls. General Vespak, will you please go over the information once more.”

“Well of course.. I'd just like to say-” the building creaked and shook, then suddenly everything we white...

At Fort Kargia Space Force base....

“Xera you can take him!” some in the group chanted in the semi circle and Captain Xera, leader of the Ghost Squardron, faced off against Captain Mariolee, leader of Shadow Squadron. The two blue skinned women squared off, slowly circling each other, then prepared to rush each other when the alerts sounded throughout the base.

“This is not a drill! I repeat this is not a drill! All combat operatives please report to your ready docks! All Combat operatives report!”

Xera and Mariolee looked to each other and grinned. “Another time. Lets rock and roll!” with that both squardrons ran off, making their way to the ready bays..

Once there the briefing would begin..

“this isn't a drill, all Varia fighters are being prepped for immediate combat. We've been hit... The senate...” Xera blinked, stepping forward even as her squire finished putting her armor on her.

“How many causalities?” She asked.

The woman nodded. “yes, half of the leadership for sure... General Vespak.. your father... he didn't make it...”


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