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Terrorist Attack in Metropolis!


The news anchor turns over the broadcast to Lois Lane standing in front of the Metropolis International Airport, planes landing and taking off behind her.

"That's right Chet!" She says, "I have just received confirmation from the Chief of Police that the recent terror attack on the Metropolis City Zoo by environmental terrorists and the simultaneous downing of jumbo-jet over the city was carried out by the same individuals. This brings the total destroyed property value well over the billion dollar mark. And with the recent death of Officer Jennings in the ICU the death count has reached eighteen members of the Science Police, and four civilian security guards with another twenty police members still on the critically injured list."

"No word yet on who these terrorists were, only that they were working in concert, and possessed meta-powers. And while thwarted temporarily by the timely arrival of Power Girl, we have to ask ourselves, how long till terror strikes our city once more?

This is Lois Lane reporting, back to you Chet."

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