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"The Kalashnikov Dynasty" Criminal Organization

Deep in the Gotham and Metropolis criminal underworld, every gang knows the name of the Kalashnikov Dynasty. A ruthless Eastern-European ethnic organization (mostly dominated by the Russians) that had been "cleaning out" Gotham of smaller criminal gangs & organizations. The Falcone Crime Family had recently set up a truce, though another Gotham Gang War is not too far off...


Organization Name:
"The Kalashnikov Dynasty" (formally: "The Imperial Dynasty" in the USSR)

Active (1981 - Present) (Metropolis Cell)
Active (1989 - Present) (Gotham Cell)
Active (1959 - Present) (Primary Russian Cell)

Known Leaders:

- "Mother" / "Mother Russia" ; Unknown actual name, former KGB Agent in the early 90's prior to the fall of the USSR. "Overseer" of all operations in the organization, both in Gotham and in Metropolis.

- "Tyrant" ; Unknown actual name, former Russian Special Forces (Spetsnaz) who served in Afghanistan in the 80's. "Overseer" of all operations in the Gotham Cell. Well-known for taking responsibility for the "Gotham Bank Massacre", resulting in the loss of 10 civilians and 7 first-responding GCPD officers (SWAT) sometime last year.

- Metropolis Cell "Overseer" is unknown.

- "Gemini" ; Unknown actual name, former member of the KGB and Soviet "Checkmate" Organization. Assumed to be a genetically modified human (meta-human). Unknown background. Possible officer of the Gotham Cell.

- The organization has many commanders and sub-commanders that have not been identified yet.

Numbers unknown, but expected to be around a thousand and slowly rising. Meta-humans involved are a possibility.

Known Criminal Activities / Goals:

- Drug trafficking, money laundering, kidnapping, murder, arms trafficking and manufacturing (mostly an Eastern-bloc arsenal, such as AK-style weapons), armed robbery, assault, counterfeiting (both the Russian and American currencies), human trafficking, illegal organ trafficking, sexual slavery

- Weapons manufacturing and exportation is the Organization's main goal. Whether the weapons are exported outside of the United States is unknown, but the [sign in to see URL]. had found weapons made by the organization in smaller gangs.

- The "cleansing" of smaller organizations and gangs had been noted, through the use of: drive-by's, assault on hideouts, taking over turfs and rival gang-controlled businesses, and "absorption" of neutral/allied gangs into the organization.


- Elites / long-time members will bear a "AK-47 Kalashnikov" tattoo on their wrist.

- Extremely vulgar Russian tattoos. Many other tattoos include pro-Communist messages and emblems.

- Suit/Tie (with various colors but mostly black/white colored) for formal meetings or security during night times. "Bulky" appearances on individuals are somewhat a rare sight (presumably light body armor).

Weapon identifications:

- Standard AK-style weapons such as the AK-47, the AK-74, and the shortened AK-style variants. These weapons are somewhat of a rare sight in public photos, as if they are used for interior security only.

- Underground weapon manufacturing facilities to produce such weapons have been busted before.

- Close combat weapons are various. Most noticeably switchblades and flip knives.

- Side-arms and machine-pistols are uncommon. The common pistol is the SIG Sauer P226 9mm, and the common machine-pistol is the MAC-11 .45 / Organization-made Stechkin APS 9mm

- Organization-made weapons have a stamp with the USSR emblem, with two AK-47's crossing behind the emblem. The weapons are surprisingly sturdy, durable, and effective. They are also chambered various ammunition to adjust to the American Civilian market (E.G.: .223 / 9mm).


Noose Greystone had been hunting members of the organization, but to no avail. "Proxy" gangs who had been armed by the Kalashnikov Dynasty refused to mention anything upon interrogation, further drifting away from finding out any important information.

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