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Breaking News! Starrware Attacked, dozens injured!


“We interrupt your normal programming for this special report. Attack on Starr Ware. Tonight during the first annual Science Symposium, sponsored by Starrware and Waynetech, was interrupted by a horrific attack by a unknown assailant. During the fight 4 officers were murdered and over two dozen were left in critical condition.”

The image goes to showing Titan Girl’s back, cape billowing behind her as she held a tank in her hands, and the child armor princess, Ebon dynamo doing her best to save people with shield in hand.

“A unknown hero many are calling Armor Lass showed up and fought valiantly, but ultimately was no match for this behemoth of a woman, who left over 3 dozen attendees at the event injured. The Exhibition hall of Starrware was damaged, the parking garage completely destroyed and 6 floors within Starrware itself were destroyed in the carnage. We reached out to Karen Starr for a statement, but so far have received none. “

The image turns to show all the destruction left in the wake of the fight.

“Witnesses say the woman, who had an extremely heavy Russian accent, then called out Superman and Powergirl, saying Metropolis will be leveled until one of them shows their cowardly faces. For our sake, I hope we hear from someone soon.”

“We now return you to your scheduled broadcast.”
Aug/29/2016, 12:29 pm Link to this post PM Marie Jiwe Blog

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