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The Prime Hunters (Earth 333)

The Prime Hunters are a team of alien bounty hunters in the universe of Earth 333 that were tasked with finding organisms that were enhanced by the properties of the Obelisk, often working together as a team. There are seven of them total.

Role: Leader
See Sylux's Profile for more info

Role: 2nd in command
Species: Phyrgisian
Height: 7'3"
Weapon of Choice: Ice Powers
Powers: Ice Manipulation, Alien Physiology, Ice Generation
Known Traits and Bio: Rundas is a Phyrgisian bounty hunter from Phyrgis, one of the many moons of Bes III. He served as Sylux's 2nd in command in the Prime Hunters, and is a formidable opponent. Rundas has the ability to create any ice construct he wishes as long as there is enough water vapor in the air, as well as control any ice structures around him. He can also freeze liquids to suit his needs.

Role: Tank
Species: Genetically Engineered Enoema Super Soldier
Height: 8'0"
Weapon of Choice: Volt Driver
Powers: Super Strength, Superhuman durability, Transformation
Known Traits and Bio: Kanden was an alien super-soldier experiment gone awry, as he didn't want to be controlled. His physiology makes him a living tank, and makes him virtually indestructible. Other notable traits are his super strength, and his weapon, the Volt Driver. The Volt Driver fires an explosive plasma round that combusts on impact. Kanden also possesses the ability to transform into his alternate form, the Stinglarva, when he wants to get to places faster.

Role: Sniper
Species: Kriken
Height: 6'2"
Weapon of Choice: Imperialist
Powers: Alien Physiology, Enhanced Perception, Transformation, Enhanced Speed
Known Traits and Bio: Trace is arguably the creepiest of the Prime Hunters. He is a Kriken bounty hunter from the Kriken Empire and serves as the resident marksman (second only to Sylux) of the Prime Hunters. His weapon, the Imperialist, is a high powered arm-mounted rifle that fires a high density projectile capable of penetrating virtually anything it hits. Trace also had the ability to go into stealth mode and become virtually undetectable, save for the red laser that his beam emits when he is targeting someone. And to add to this, Trace's creepy trait comes in when he goes into his Triskelion form, a spider-like form that will track and crawl onto a target and begin mutilating them.

Role: Healer
Species: Vhozon
Height: 6'7"
Weapon of Choice: Judicator
Powers: Alien Physiology, Immunity to Most Harmful Toxins, Enhanced Senses
Known Traits and Bio: Noxus is a Vhozan bounty hunter from the planet Vho, and serves as the Prime Hunter's resident medic. Don't let his role fool you though, he's good at taking lives as much as he is saving them. Unlike the other Hunter's, Noxus is more merciful, and doesn't simply kill without reason, always giving his enemies a chance to walk away alive. His weapon, the Judicator, is an electrical based weapon that can electrocute and fry someone, or jump start their heart and save their life. Needless to say, Noxus and Trace aren't exactly friends, as they've gotten in each other's way plenty of times during a contract. However, they settle their differences aside to complete their missions when required to team up.

Role: Tank
Species: Diamont
Height: 6'9"
Weapon of Choice: His Own Body
Powers: Alien Physiology, Super Strength, Superhuman durability, Earth Manipulation
Known Traits and Bio: The resident hothead of the Prime Hunters, Spire is a Diamont bounty hunter from the planet Mondreus. Spire's role is pretty simple: destroy everything he needs to. While Kanden is good for blowing up a building or being a good distraction, Spire just enjoys thrashing his enemies and being a nuisance overall. There have been a few times where Spire has challenged Sylux over leadership, but has always ended up getting beaten by the armored hunter in every encounter. Spire also has the ability to create small earthquakes by slamming his fists into the ground. He is often paired up with Kanden on missions,

Role: Tech Expert
Species: Cyborg
Height: 6'5"
Weapon of Choice: Energy Blades/Halfturret
Powers: Cybernetic Physiology, Transformation
Known Traits and Bio: Not much is exactly known about Weavel, but before he was a cyborg he was a humanoid space pirate who often went and robbed spacecraft passing by his domain, using their tech systems against them. Weavel is a talented hacker, and a deadly opponent in combat. He uses heated blades that comes out of both of his arms to slice and dice his opponents. Another one of his traits, arguably almost as creepy as Trace's Triskelion form, is Weavel's form, known as the Halfturret. In this form, Weavel detaches his upper half of his body from his lower half, and begins to use his upper half to attack his opponent with his blades while his legs and waist act as a turret, which fires a sort of alien-oriented energy turret.

(These are my own versions of several of the hunters featured in the Metroid: Prime series, since a few people have come to me showing praise for Sylux. All of these characters are NPCs except for Sylux. However, if someone wants to play as one of them, message and we can discuss it!)


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