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BREAKING: Horrific scene in Metropolis

"We have breaking news of a horrific crash just South of STAR labs. We go live to our reporter on the scene, who has more information."

"Thank you. Around two AM this morning, police officer Jon Lokai witnessed what he described as a 'large beast' crash into the side of a large apartment complex."

"It was huge. Had four limbs, black as night, and a wingspan of close to sixty feet. Just... appeared in the middle of the road, and flew into the building. There were two... riders, I suppose. One was dressed in this... Robin Hood getup and had a sword with him. The other one just.. vanished."

The camera panned along the street, showing the wake of destruction the creature had left. The reporter began speaking again.

"When police arrived on the scene, a small standoff occurred with the... 'Robin Hood' man. One officer was injured, but will survive. The man and beast escaped, and are currently on the run. Metro PD asks that you do not try to apprehend these two on your own, and instead ask for you to call them with any information."


"At the moment of the kill, they are never more alive." -Widowmaker
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