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Five girls found dismembered in Metropolis Home? The Woman in Black?

“ Last night in Metropolis a group of teen friends sat in a circle in their bedroom playing with a mirror and calling on “Bloody Bones”. The mother said. She warned them to not play with such forces. Later that evening she heard screaming coming from the girl’s bedrooms. She ran up to check on them and to her horror saw blood and body parts spread out all throughout the room.

She stated in the corner of the room she saw a pair of piercing blue eyes, and suddenly a figure came out the shadows and smiled widely then vanished back into the walls. The sentinels of Magic and Metropolis PD looked for any signs of magical entry or forced entry and could find none.

This is the third such killing of this kind. A month ago two had taken place in Gotham, has the mysterious “Woman in Black” arrived in Metropolis? The police refuse to comment further but will keep us appraised of any future discoveries. I’m Marie Thomas with Metro Five news.”
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