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Carmine "The Roman" Falcone (Earh-405)

Preferred User Nickname: Falcone or Mr Falcone

Villain Name: The Roman
Age: 67
Gender: male
Physical Description:
Height: 7 ft
Weight: 84 KG

Weapon of Choice: Dual Pistols (semi-auto or Alfa Combat)
Powers: Munitions
Movement Type: Acrobatics


Carmine Falcone is the son of the mafia don Vincent Falcone, in his younger life he would mug or steal in his spare time and on his first raid on the 12th precinct he was arrested and sent to Blackgate where he met Jovan Castiglione. After his father was killed by an unknown killer he became the don of the Falcone mob and eventually managed to either scare or kill off the other Gotham mafias. He had 3 children: Sofia Falcone, Alberto Falcone and Mario Falcone. An event that scarred Falcone was when the penguin captured his sons to interrogate them on the locations of Falcone's safehouse, they refused to tell him so he tortured them to the point of Alberto barely surviving and Mario dying. Falcone of course despised Penguin after this. However he now faces a new threat with Jovan Castiglione rivaling his mob.

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Re: Carmine "The Roman" Falcone (AU)

Oooh fun. Be ready to face Black Canary! Since Supergirl and Power Girl might be a little to much.. unless you like the challenge? emoticon


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