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Oolong Project File: Ultimo (Earth 333)

The Ultimo project is a highly classified military grade robot designed for total destruction of an enemy occupation, until it was used to attack Metropolis. The robot itself is over 300 feet in height, and weighs about 200 tons. Despite these factors, the robot is genuinely quick, ranging up at speeds of about to 60 miles per hour, whether it be moving its arms or walking. The robot also has many offensive capabilities, including rockets, a bomb launcher, flamethrowers, and laser emitting occulators. The armor is laced with an unnamed element that Oolong's president, Veronica Cale, has not commented on since the attack on Metropolis, but it is said to perhaps be stronger than titanium by tenfold. The exact blueprints for the robot have yet to be released, and any and all communication with Oolong Island has gone silent, but one can say that in the wrong hands, this robot can do serious damage.


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