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Bombshell (Amy Allen)

(This character is rather small compared to other entries but I am willing to give it my best shot.)

Name: Amy Sue Allen
Hero name: Bombshell

Age: Unknown but presumed to be in her 20s.

Gender: Female

Physical Appearance: Short haired, muscular tone along her arms, legs, and abdomen, Dilustel Armor (aka Captain Atom's and Major Force's metal skin), Average height.

Personality: Rather Bombast but with a soft human core, Military minded, Socially insecure, Reckless, a bit cocky.

Dilustel Armor (Similar to Captain Atom and Major Force, an Alien Metal given to her which makes her skin and body virtually indestructible. Unlike Major Force or Captain Atom, the Dilustel melded with her skin and has no connection to any forms of radiation nor will it release radiation if breached. If breached her powers are merely turned off and she returns to her human form. She can put on a new coat whenever she needs to.)

Flight (Self Explanatory, Came with the Dilustel Armor, flies up to Mach 3.)

Quantum Field Manipulation (Bombshell can control and project limited varieties of energy from the Q Field including harnessing it for use of her other powers as well. Came with the Dilustel Armor.)

Invulnerability (It took the combined might of the Teen Titan's to breach her armor.)

Energy Blasts (Absorbing Energy and using it as a weapon, Came with the Dilustel Armor)

Neural Disrupting Energy Pulses (Basically energy waves that scrambles brains.)

Superhuman Strength (Comes with the Dilustel Armor, capable of lifting hundred ton masses with ease, once lifted the Quantum Jet with no effort)

Technopathy (Using her quantum energy powers to manipulate technological devices with her mind and electromagnetic interaction, even controlled Cyborg's mechanical parts)

Weaknesses: Vulnerability to Extreme Temperatures (Her Dilustel Armor is virtually indestructible, except to Extreme Temperatures which will break her armor's coating.)

History/Backstory: Bombshell wasn't always called Bombshell, she was named Amy Allen. Amy's background has been rather sketchy as she was originally a convict who served under a rogue military division. Her explosive and bombastic personality has sent her away to prison for the crimes of assault and battery. To escape prison life she was enlisted into the Project: Quantum program from her father who ran the operation. The scientists grafted her skin with the same material used in Captain Atom's skin of an extra-terrestrial metal known as Dilustel which gave her body a metallic coating along with powers of the Quantum Field.

After the Infinite Crisis, Amy Allen or Bombshell was hired by Deathstroke to infiltrate the Teen Titans compound in search of information of his son, Jericho. Raven had been suspicious of their being a traitor in the Teen Titans only for Amy to pin the blame on Ravager, that is until Raven and Jericho revealed Bombshell to be the traitor. She was to be interrogated by Cyborg and Miss Martian only to have her throat slit by a mind controlled Batgirl.

Amy's Quantum powers regenerated the damage that was made and her crimes were considered a liability. With no where else to go, she sought haven with the Teen Titans and joined with them at first for self-preservation but instead joined to atone her crimes to them. Only to later leave again after an unfortunate mishap with her powers acting out of control. She quit deeming herself unfit to be among the Teen Titans. Since then she has been traveling alone to atone for her actions in anyway she can.

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