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Mister Freeze

No big fancy things with a bio and a picture. Just putting down here that I'm claiming him.

The nature of the character does not make him a good candidate for traditional RP with lots of character interaction and growth. Instead I will be RPing him primarily as a sort of "Boss Event" NPC for heroes to participate in, or for scenes to help flesh out stuff involving villains. Such as assigning missions, providing resources, intel, etc in exchange for something related to his research into Nora's cure.

In particular, if you want a little bit more immersion in your content, I think running with Canons and RPing it as an actual mission they're all participating in would really help sell the content to the more dedicated RPers among us and give us all more incentive to do it, as I think that will really help seal the immersion aspect.

If you have ideas or things you would like to do, I'll be glad to hear them.
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